Research Participation

Many of the theories and findings that we learn in our marketing classes, especially those in consumer behavior, are based on behavioral research. In order to produce knowledge, our faculty members conduct behavioral studies regularly. As a learning experience and also as a part of this knowledge production process, we hope that you will participate in some research studies. Through participation, you will learn more about how behavioral research is conducted as well as some specific topics that are being pursued by our faculty members. This research participation component is worth 5% of your grade in selected marketing classes.

Although we do encourage all of you to participate in research studies, this participation is voluntary and you have an alternative option to get this 5% – the research paper option. This option entails writing an 8-page, double-spaced, research paper with at least 8 academic journal articles referenced in the paper on a topic related to the course content. The deadline to opt-in for this essay option was already announced in class by your instructor.

Information about how to sign up and participate will be posted below when the studies are available.

Study 1 (1%): This was an in-person study, conducted during class meeting time. This study is now closed.

Study 2 (1%): This was an online study. Deadline to complete this study was Mar 30. This study is now closed.

Study 3 (1%): This was an online study. Estimated time of completion is 30 min. The deadline to complete this study was Apr 8. This study is now closed.

Study 4 (2%): This study has two parts. Part 1 (in person; 1%) is now closed. Part 2 (online; 1%) is now open; please follow this link to participate: Please note that if you missed the first part, you may still participate in the second part and receive 1%. The deadline to complete the second part is May 25.