Awards & Fellowships

Honors and Awards

  • 2016-2017       Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, School of Social Sciences.
  •  2014                International Research Visiting Award, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study, University of British Columbia, August –  September.
  • 2011                TUBA-GEBIP, Turkish Academy of Sciences Exceptional Young Scholar Award.
  •  2010                Teaching Award, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University (one of five awards in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the first year that the award was implemented).
  •  2009                TUBITAK (The Technological and Scientific Research Council of Turkey)  Career Award, awarded to junior scholars within five years of their PhD.
  •  2004                Sylvia Forman Prize, Association for Feminist Anthropology. Graduate student paper award for the essay “They Even Let Their Women Work: Negotiations of Gender, Honor and the Communist Legacy among Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria.”
  •  1999/2000       Feminist Studies Award for best article published by a graduate student: “The Honor of the State: Virginity Examinations in Turkey.”
  •  1999                  Association of Political and Legal Anthropology Student Paper Prize for the essay “The ‘Honor’ of the State: Virginity Examinations in Turkey.”
  •  1998-1999        Kay Pin Award for academic achievement, New York University.
  •  1995                  Honors in Social Studies, Harvard University, for Senior Thesis: “A Subversive     Space: The Significance of the Women’s Shelter in the Turkish Context.”
  •  1993-1995        Harvard College Scholarship and Agassiz Certificate of Merit for academic achievement of highest distinction.

Grants and Fellowships

  •  2011 – 2014     TUBA research grant for “Beyond Europeanization: An Anthropological Inquiry into the regulation of the Migration Regime in Turkey.”
  •  2009 – 2012     TUBITAK Grant for “Legalization Strategies of the post-nineties labor from Bulgaria.”
  •  2007 – 2008     TUBITAK Grant for “Forms of organization among new migrants: A  comparative analysis of Bulgarian Turks, Iraqi Turkmens and Moldavians in Turkey.” With Mine Eder and Didem Danıs.
  •  2003 – 2004     Marianne Lehner Rothe and Florence Edna Rowe Dissertation Fellowship, American Association of University Women Educational Foundation.
  •  2003 – 2004     Dissertation Fellowship, International Center for Advanced Studies, Project on the “Cold War as Global Conflict,” New York University.
  •  2003 – 2004    Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, New York University.
  •  2002                Regional Associate Fellow, Centre for Advanced Study, Sofia, NEXUSroject on “How to Think About the Balkans: Culture, Region, Identities.”
  •  2001 – 2002     Dissertation Research Grant, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research.
  •  2001 – 2002     Dissertation Research Fellowship, Social Science Research Council, Middle East and North Africa Program.
  •  2001 – 2002     Annette B. Weiner Fellowship, New York University, Department of Anthropology.
  •  1996 – 2001    MacCracken Fellowship, New York University.
  •  1999 – 2000    Predissertation Grant, Institute of Turkish Studies, Georgetown University.
  •  1999                  Ford Foundation Gender/Area Studies Summer Research Grant, New York University.
  •  1991 – 1995    Agassiz Scholarship, Radcliffe College.
  •  1994                 Ford Program Research Fellowship for Undergraduate Research, Harvard University.
  •  1994                Dean’s Summer Thesis Research Grant, Harvard University.


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