Invited Talks

  •  Sep. 2014        “Spaces of Education, States of Ruination and Survival.” Department of Anthropology and Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia.
  •  Feb. 2014        “Armenian Migrant Children in Turkey: Access to Education and States of Exception in a Postgenocidal Society.”Armenian Studies Program and History, Michigan University.
  •  Jan. 2014         “Armenian Migrant Children in Turkey: Access to Education and States of Exception in a Postgenocidal Society.”Green College, University of British Columbia.
  • Feb. 2013        “Labor migration of “ethnic kin” from Bulgaria to Turkey and the politics of relative privilege,.” Sociocultural Anthropology Speaker Series, co-sponsored by the Center for European and Eurasian Studies, University of California, Los Angeles.
  •  May 2010       EUROMed meeting, “Migratory Flows in Turkey.” Istanbul.
  • May 2010 “Labor Migration and the Citizenship Regime in Turkey.” Political Science Seminars, Bilgi University, Istanbul.
  • Mar. 2010 “The Instrumentalization of Ethnicity: A comparative analysis based on the Experiences of Turkish migrants from Iraq and Bulgaria.” With Didem Danıs. Atatürk Institute Friday Seminars, Bogazici University.
  •  Feb. 2009        “Inclusive Exclusion and the Reproduction of State Sovereignty,” Center for the Critical Analysis of Social Difference, Columbia University.
  •  Jan. 2009         “The ‘Inclusive Exclusion’ of Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria” presented at the workshop on “Migration in the Neoliberal Age,” Center for European Studies, University of Florida.
  •  June 2004       “Remembering from the Other Side: Memories of Communism among Turkish immigrants from Bulgaria,” presented at the Second International NEXUS Conference on Balkans and Globalization, Central European University, Budapest

Selected Presentations and Panel Organizations

  • Dec 2014 AAA meeting

Dec. 2014 “Migrant children, education and structural violence in China, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey and the US.” Panel co-organized with  Alexia Bloch for the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 2014 “Spaces of Education, States of Ruination and Armenian Migrant Children in Turkey.” Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C.

  • Nov 2013 AAA meeting

Nov. 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago.

“Of Plants, Political Movements and Humans: Exploring Multiple Meanings of Genealogy.” Panel Chair.

“Proving Origins: Armenian converts’ and Bulgarian Turkish Migrants, encounters with the law and the governance of sameness and difference,” Paper Presentation with Ceren Ozgul.

  • Jan. 2013 “The Affect and Politics of Relative Privilege.” Workshop on “Militant Research,” Goldsmith University, London.
  • Apr. 2012 “Exceptional situations or mundane exceptions? :Killability and “relative privilege” in the Turkish legal context,” for the panel on “Protest and law in the ostensibly “non-revolutionary” Middle East,” (panel co-organizer), American Ethnological Society, New York.
  • Oct. 2011 “Kağıtsızlar, Epistemik Ortaklıklar ve Zamansız Etnografi” (The Undocumented, Epistemic Partnerships and “Timeless” Ethnography” presented at the invited workshop on “New Approaches to Sociocultural Anthropology in Turkey.” Mardin Artuklu University
  • June 2011 “Things are Changing? “On Ethnicity, Citizenship and Religious Freedom at the Doorstep of the EU” with Ceren Ozgul. Far Away, So Close: Reaching Beyond the pro/contra controversy on Turkey’s EU accession”. Berlin Frei University & Sabancı University.
  • June 2011 “Labor Migrants, Ethnic Kin and Citizenship in Turkey,” presented at the panel on Migration, Citizenship and Belonging in Neo-Liberal Europe, Council of European Studies (CES), Barcelona, June 19-23, 2011.
  • Nov. 2010 “The Double Binds of Rights Claims,” presented at the panel on Rights” Discourse in the Middle East.” Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans. Also co-organizer of the panel.
  • Dec. 2009 “Post1989 Turkish migrants from Bulgaria and the Configurations of Ethnic
  • Kinship in Turkey,” presented at the panel on “The End/s of Transnationalisms after Socialism: Practices and Re-imaginations of Relatedness,” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia.
  • Feb. 2009 “All about Turkish Migrations,” Kadir Has University
  • Nov. 2008 “Post-Soviet Migrant Labor to Turkey at the Intersections of Gender, Ethnicity and Legal Status,” with Mine Eder) Conference on Gender Studies in Turkey: Inequalities, Struggles and Advances, Koc University, Istanbul.
  • Nov 2008 Claims of Belonging and the “Inclusive Exclusion” of Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria for the workshop on “Rethinking Citizenship,” Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle Germany.
  • June 2008 Hierarchies of Otherness,” presented at the Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop on Migrations, Connections, Perspectives: Anatolia and Its Neighboring Regions in the Twentieth Century, Sabancı University, Istanbul.
  • Nov. 2007 “The Shifting Signifier and the Anxieties of the “Turkish” self,”presented at the American Anthropological Association Meeting, Washington D.C.
  • June 2007 “Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria and postsocialist nostalgia on the other side of the border,” presented at the conference on “Thinking through Turkey: Theorizing the Political,” CRASSH, Cambridge University, Cambridge.
  • Nov. 2006 “Immigrant women from Bulgaria at the edges of community and “propriety” presented at the panel on Gender-based violence, MESA Annual Meetings, Boston.
  • Sep. 2006 “The moral economy of irregular labor migration from Bulgaria to Turkey,” presented at the invited workshop on “Interrogating Diaspora,” 9th Biennial Conference of European Association of Social Anthropologists, Bristol.
  • July 2006 “Framing nostalgia among Turkish immigrants from Bulgaria,” presented at the panel on “Reinscribing the Nation,” Crossroads 2006 Association for Cultural Studies, Istanbul.
  • Dec. 2005 “Irregular Workers or Ethnic Kin: Post Nineties Labor Migration from Bulgaria to Turkey,” presented at the IMILCO conference on “Irregular Migration, Informal Labour and Community in Europe,” Istanbul.
  • June 2005 “Locating the Turkish Homeland: Bulgarian Turkish return migration in transnational perspective,” presented at the Oxford Symposium on Transnationalism in South Eastern Europe, St. Anthony’s College, Oxford.
  • Apr. 2004 “They Even Let Their Women Work: Negotiations of Labor, Honor and the Communist Legacy among Turkish immigrants from Bulgaria.” International Center for Advanced Studies, Project on the Cold War as Global Conflict, New York University.
  • Apr. 2003 “Racial Designations and Bulgarian Turkish Border Crossings” presented atthe panel on “Migrations of Race in the Middle East,” Annual Meeting of the American Ethnological Society meetings, Providence, Rhode Island.
  • May 2002 “Harboring Irreconcilables: The Interrelation of Movement and Identity Among Turks of Bulgaria,” presented at the 1st Conference on Culture and Identity in the Balkans, Beykent & Bogazici University, Istanbul.
  • July 2000 “The Disciplines and the Disciples of the State,” presented in the panel on “Representations of the State in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey,” at the British Society for Middle East Studies Conference, Cambridge University.
  • June 2002 Presentation on “Marginal Groups” for the constitutive meeting of the project on “Remembering Communism,” organized by the Social Science Research Council and held at the Center for Advanced Study, Sofia.


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