AcademicNano-Enhanced Composites for Higher Resistance (2014-16)
supervised by Melih Papila
The research project has been funded by TUBITAK on nano-fiber enhanced CFRP materials that I have manufactured and characterized, has tremendous impact on material strength and material life. More than four graduate students have been contributing the study including me. I have learned about working as a research group as well as the scientific knowledge about CFRP and mechanics of nano-particals and materials.

AcademicDesign and Demonstration of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (2013-14)
supervised by Prof. Serhat Yeşilturt
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) are quiet, efficient, economical and perfect for “residential” energy production, especially in urban environments. The main purpose of the project is to create electrical energy from the wind and store this electricity in a battery, in order to use it in arbitrary times and for different applications. We have been designing blades by using composite technology is an important milestone during the process with my collegue, Emir Yilmaz.

Academic Fractional Factorial Design of Composite Materials by using Taguchi Method for ROPS (Summer 2013)
supervised by PhD. Yilmaz Erbil
The main aim was to manufacture optimized composite material with minimized budget for roll over protection structured -ROPS- cabins. I have done research about optimization method as called Taguchi and how to use MiniTab; composite materials properties and how to model with Catia-composite design. I also have seen the co-work company environment like presentations, company meetings etc.

AcademicPackaging Small and Fragile Items – (2010-11)
supervised by Prof. Ali Koşar
The aim of the project was to design reliable packages by using durable materials with many layers for an effective protection, by choosing right materials for each layer and considering budget and daily life usage.

Independent Project – Carbon Disclosure Project Turkey (2012-14)
supervised by Mirhan Köroğlu Göğüş
CDP is a non-profit international organization that started in 2000 in order to gather and share information for companies, investors and governments to make provisions against the threat of climate change. CDP Turkey, since 2010, has been carried out by Sabancı University Cooperative Governance Forum. I was working in this project as an intern who is caring for website, media, social media and costumer relation management (CRM) system of CDP.

Independent Project -World University Service – (2012)
I was a volunteer of organizing committee for a cultural-exchange program at Sabancı University. For this reason, we hosted to Hong Kong World University Service while visited Istanbul.

Independent Project SU Student Union – (2010-12)
I was elected as Organization Committee Subject Spokesperson at Sabancı University Student Union. This committee that works under the Student Union organizes activities to be donated to the Student Union Scholarship Funds. We organize tournaments (sports etc.), picnics, parties and talk shows to strengthen the connection between students and increase the scholarship funds.

Social  – Civic Involvement Project (CIP) – (2009-10)
Active participation to solve the problems in society. CIP is hands-on learning program for understanding participatory democracy, where students take active roles in civil society, dealing with various problems and working in cooperation with national and international NGOs and state institutions. As a group of 10, we went to a primary school (Çayırova Reysaş Primary School) in the area which has socio-economic and socio-cultural disadvantages.