Yaren Ensemble & Traditional Turkish Music


Yaren Ensemble at the Andrea Clearfield’s Salon, Philadelphia, PA, October 30, 2016 (Photo Credit: John Hayes)


YAREN ENSEMBLE, based in New York City since the late 1990s, is a duo performing traditional Turkish and Ashiq songs. Çağrı Haksöz sings and plays Cura, Baglama, Divan Saz, Dutar, Tar and Tanbur (Turkish, Azeri, and Uzbek plucked string instruments) and Gerardo Razumney plays Davul, Darbuka, Bendir and Kasik (Turkish percussion instruments). 

Mİsket ve DoĞaÇlamalar (Misket and Improvisations)
Region/City: Ankara, Turkey
Genre: Seymen Folk Dance
Baglama and Voice: Çağrı Haksöz
Darbuka: Gerardo Razumney

Zahİd Bİzİ Tan Eyleme
Lyrics: Muhyİ, 16th century
Genre: Bektashi/melami Nefes
Baglama and Voice: Çağrı Haksöz
Bendir: Gerardo Razumney

Ah Bİr AteŞ Ver
Region/City: İzmİr, Turkey
Genre: Zeybek Folk Dance
Baglama and Voice: ÇAĞRI HAKSÖZ
Davul: Gerardo Razumney

All videos were recorded live by Marta Noemí Bautís in East Village, New York City. Tiempo Azul Productions, NY (www.tiempoazul.org).

In March 2016, I have appeared in the documentary titled as Anadolunun Sıcak Yüzleri/ Warm Faces of Anatolia produced by TRT (Turkish Radio and Television-Producer/Director: Sema Dalgıç) about the life story of my first Bağlama/Saz master Ömer Yarşi from Afyonkarahisar. The documentary is in Turkish, which has no subtitles. However, authentic traditional styles in Turkish music and folk dance are worth seeing. My succinct comments/performance appear at around 15:59 minutes into the film.