Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments:

PCRs, real-time PCRs, flow cytometer, protein array-microarray spotter and scanner, spectrophotometers and spectrotfluorometers, luminometers, AMAXA electroporator, gene gun, mammalian cell culture facilities, hypoxia chamber, fluorescent upright and inverted microscopes and electron microscopes (TEM and SEM), scintillation counter, FPLC, 2D gel equipment, chemical analyzers, mass spectrometer, atomic force microscope, access to small animal facilities (nude mice, SCID mice, transgenic mice, rats).
Additional high-tech equipments include:
Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope, Roche NimbleGen MS 200 Microarray Scanner and Analyzer, Roche 454 DNA Sequencer / Genome Sequencer, Organovo NovoGen MMX Bioprinter , Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance, SkyScan 1172 Micro-CT Scanner Nano-Tomograph, Raman Microscope and Spectrometer etc. For more about SUNUM equipments click here.






* We do not pay bench fee, charges or equipment maintenance.

2018-2021, EU Grants, EU-COST Action Grants, Bilateral International Grants, TUBITAK Grants, Sabanci University and Other Universities’ Grant Supports, Postdoctoral Scholarships:  1.3 million USD (Total).

2015-2018, EU-FP7,EU-COST Action Grants, Bilateral International Grants, TUBITAK Grants, TÜBİTAK PhD and Postdoctoral Scholarships, Sabanci University and Other Universities’ Grant Supports: 1 million USD (Total).

2013-2015, TUBITAK, Sabanci University, NRF Korea Bilateral Grants: 1 million USD (Total).

2010-2013, TUBITAK-1001 Grant:  180.000 USD.

2010-2011, Sabanci University Internal Research Grant: 160.000 USD.

2006-2011, EMBO Installation Grant: 400.000 USD.

20007-2010, TUBITAK-1001 Grant: 300.000 USD.

2007-2012, TUBA-GEBIP Award: 37.500 USD.

2006-Today, Sabanci University: 100.000 USD / year (equipments + maintenance) + 130.000 USD (Tuitions) + 4.000 USD / year (course lab consumables) + 10.000 USD / year (conference travel support).


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