Dilek Tokay


Dilek Tokay


Center for Individual and Academic Development


  • Certificate/ diplomas from Sussex, Stirling, Brighton Universities, UK in Classroom Management, Curriculum Design, Communicative Teaching, Materials Production, Audio-Visual Aids, and Professional Development/ In-service Training, 1979, 1982, 1985 respectively
  • BA and MA in English Language and Literature, Hacettepe University, 1970, 1973 respectively; PhD Program at the same university till 1975
  • Uskudar American Academy, Istanbul, 1964

 Work Experience

  • Member of European Writing Centers Association [EWCA] 2002- present 
  • Member of European Writing Centers Association Executive Board 2003-present; Chair 2005-2007; Designer and Academic Coordinator for the EWCA Website & Listserv, 2003-2014
  • Board member of Consultants for the INTERWAC Network, March 2007- present
  • Workshop presenter, Executive Development Unit [EDU], Sabanci University [SU] 2007- present
  • Undergraduate Program designer/ PD facilitator, SU, CIAD, Writing Center, 2000- 2014 (Jan.31)
  • Coordinator for the Writing Center, SU, CIAD 2010-2012
  • Designer and Academic Coordinator for the SU Writing Center Website 2003-2011
  • Freshman and MBA English curriculum designer and instructor, School of Languages, Sabanci University1999-2001.
  • Curriculum designer, materials producer, teacher trainer and instructor, School of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Western Languages and Literatures, Bosphorus University, 1983-1999; instructor, facilitator, teacher-trainer for the Royal Society of Arts [RSA] Diploma Course, 1984-1989.
  • Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, curriculum designer, materials producer, instructor, School of Foreign Languages, Middle East Technical University [METU] 1970-1983.

Areas of Interest

Methodology and skills development in English language teaching; curriculum design; materials production; professional development and in-service training; teaching of English through literature; academic and expository writing; interaction through networks and active involvement in international conference/ seminar/ workshop organization.

Conference presentation materials on the related topics have been electronically displayed on various University/ Assosication/ Conference Websites and texts have appeared in Conference Booklets. Eg: EATAW 2001, EATAW 2003, Halkidiki Workshop 2003, SUWC Seminar 2004, EWCA 2005, Azerbaijan International Conference on Writing 2005, IWAC 2005, IWAC 2006, EWCA 2006, CCCC 2007, INGED 2007, HAU 2007, CCCC 2008, IWAC 2008, EWCA 2008,  CCCC 2009, International AutoLearn 2009, EWCA 2010, and ERI 2011. EWCA 2012, and TVO Writing Symposium II  2013.


UAAG, METU, BUMED, INGED, IWCA, NCTE, CCCC, EATAW, EWCA Board, and INTERWAC Network Board of Consultants.