Dilek Tokay


EWCA Conference 2014, Let’s Peer Across Borders – Writing Centers in Motion
European University, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, July 19 – 22, 2014

Workshop Presenter

Conference Website: www.ewca14.eu


Terakki Vakfi Okulları [TVO] Yazma Becerileri Sempozyumu [in Turkish],
Terakki Vakfi Okullari Ozturk Sok. 234335 Levent, Istanbul, Turkey, December 7, 2013, 9:00- 17:30
Workshop Presentation & Closing Speech

Presentation: Critical Thinking & Writing (7 PPT slides)
Guidelines for Writing Film Reviews
Guidelines for Writing Opera Review
Essay Writing Checklist/ Rubrics
Presentation Skills/ Checklist / Rubrics
Symposium Website: http://www.yazmabecerilerisempozyumu.com/?page_id=836


Dr. Christopher Martin Anson Talks about Writing, Sabanci University Communication Center, MINERVA Han, Istanbul, Turkey; May 25, 2012;  14:30 -16:30



EWCA Conference 2012: Creating Communities of Collaboration: Writers, Learners, Institutions
American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, May 6 – May 9th ,  2012
For further information

Presentation Materials:

Getting Connected through a Benchmarking Survey ppt/ pdf

Getting Connected in the World Café  ppt/ pdf

Survey Checklist for HE Writing Center Data Collection MS Word pdf


Conference on Writing Education across Borders, Pennsylvania State University, Department of English, Days Inn Penn State, State College, PA, USA, September 30-October 1, 2011

Featured Speaker

SU Writing Center 2011 Summer Institute
Role and Implementation of Writing Programs and Writing Centers
in Secondary and Higher Education

Sabanci University, Tuzla Campus, Istanbul, Turkey, September 5-11, 2011
English Program [with educators in ELT]: Sept. 5- 8
Turkish Program [with educators in all disciplines]: Sep. 9-11

Web Designer, Organizer, Presenter


Educational Reform Initiative 8th Best Examples in Education Conference:
Neden Her Toplumda, Her Okulda, Hepimiz icin Yazma Becerileri Merkezi?
Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey, April 9, 2011
Presenters: Dilek Tokay & Ezgi Seref
Presentation: Neden her Toplumda, her Okulda, Hepimiz icin Yazma Becerileri Merkezi?
From a Student Assistant’s Perspective, Ezgi Seref


EWCA 2010, Crossing National Boundaries and Linguistic Borders: (Re)Thinking and (Re)Situating the Writing Center and WAC Connection in Europe and Beyond, American University of Paris, France, May 25-28, 2010
Presentation: Commonalities and Differences between Universities in European and US Contexts
Comparative Checklist
Open Microphone SIG Questioning WAC in European Context

International AutoLearn Istanbul Conference, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, September 28-29th, 2009
Invited Speaker

Presentation: What can AutoLearn Offer to Writing, Considering the Methodological and Technological Strategies for the Learning Platform at Higher Education?

Columbia University Summer Institute: American Culture and EFL Teaching in Turkey, Sabanci University Writing Center & Educational Reform Initiative, Karakoy Communication Center, Istanbul, June 15-21, 2009
Organization Committee, program designer, SIGs coordinator, speaker, web academic support.
Presentation: Alternative Spaces for Education: Writing Centers, ELT, and Communication
Supplementary Material
Testimonial for the Power of Writing from a Graduate, past SUWC Peer Tutor
SU Program

The 60th Annual Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication [CCCC] Making Waves, San Francisco, CA, USA, March 11-14, 2009
Pre-Conference Workshop [MW. 11, Mar 11, 2009]
International Writing Scholarship and Collaborative Research: Attending to the Waves Between Continents [Part I]
Workshop Presenter/ Discussion Leader: Dilek Tokay

Presentation: How and Why WAC Can/Cannot Work in Some Primary/ Secondary Schools in Istanbul
Literacy Stories [Video Recording]
Special Interest Group/ Business Meeting [FSIG. 09, Mar 13, 2009]
International Network of Writing-across-the-Curriculum Programs

Discussion Leader: Dilek Tokay
Venue: Hilton San Francisco, CA, USA

EWCA Conference 2008: Initiating Writing Center Work – Connecting Secondary, Higher, and Professional Education, Freiburg, Germany, June 19-22, 2008
Keynote : Dilek Tokay
Keynote Presentation: Synergy in University-Secondary School Collaborations& Joint Initiatives
Interview Presentation
Concurrent # 8 with two High School Program Designers:
Primary/Secondary – University Linkage for WID &WAC from Secondary School Teachers’ Perspective
Host: EWCA
Venue: Freiburg University of Education, Germany

The 9th International Writing Across the Curriculum [IWAC] 2008 Conference, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA, May 28 – 31, 2008
Workshop Presenter: Dilek Tokay with Pamela Childers, The McCallie; Tommy Tobin, Stanford University; Reid Alexander, McCallie
Presentation: International Secondary or University WAC-based Writing Centers: What’s the Difference?
Roundtable: International Intersections PART I
Speaker: Dilek Tokay
Host: University of Texas
Venue: Radisson, Austin, Texas, USA

The CCCC 2008 Convention: Writing Realities, Changing Realities, New Orleans, USA, April 2-5, 2008
SIG INTERWAC Networking: Board of Consultants Business Meeting & Workshop
Discussion Leader: Dilek Tokay
Venue: Hilton Riverside, NO, USA

First Athens International Writing Centers Conference: Revisioning Tomorrow?s Writing Center: Roles, Practices, AudiencesHellenic American University, Athens, Greece, November 9-10, 2007
Conference Website
Featured Speaker: Dilek Tokay
Materials Presented: Efforts to make ?outsiders? ?insiders?: Is it a dream? Writing Centers? Survival and Outreach Strategies.
[44 PowerPoint (PP) slides presentention material; 38 PP Posters & multi mediaVCD]

Presentation [Workshop ppt]

Material Presented as a Moderator for Prof. Kemal Inan’s Session: [Interview Questions – pdf]

Hosts: Hellenic American University Writing Center in collaboration with the Center for Applied Linguistics and
Language Studies of the Hellenic American Union
Venue: Hellenic American University, Athens, Greece

The 11th International INGED ELT Conference: Stretching Boundaries
INGED/ ELEA & School of Foreign Languages, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey,
September 6-8, 2007
Conference Website

Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Materials Presented: Presentation Skills from Novice to Expert: Does HOW we present make WHAT we present more meaningful?
[40 PowerPoint (PP) slides presentation material; 2 pages, Presentation Evaluation Checklists ]

[Workshop ppt]

[Presentation EVA Checklist]

Host: INGED/ ELEA & School of Foreign Languages, Ankara University

Venue: Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Cebeci, Ankara

2007 Conference on College Composition and Communication [CCCC] Annual Convention: Representing Identities – New York, US, March 21-24, 2007
Convention Website
Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Materials Presented: Cultures of Writing and Writing Instruction: Toward Expressing Identity in an International Context.
Building Identities through Learning Communities in Europe: Preparing a Professional Identity through Four Different Programs at Sabanci University Writing Center
[55 PowerPoint [PP] slides presentention material; 38 PP posters; 24 PP visual messages]
Presentation PP
Host: The CCCC and NCTE
Venue: New York Hilton, NYC, US.

EWCA 2006 Conference: Connecting the Dots – Bogazici University, Istanbul,Turkey, June 23-26, 2006
Conference Website

Presenter: Dilek Tokay as EWCA chair/ Conference organizer, representing Sabanci University Writing Center
Panel: Turning Complaints and Concerns in Faculty Offices about Students’ Written Work into Academic Collaboration called WAC.
Panelists: Dilek Tokay, as SU Writing Center Undergraduate Program Designer; Prof. Tulay Artan, historian/ course designer of Hum. 203, Major Works of Ottoman Culture Course, representing SU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences faculty; Aleksandar Sopov, teaching assistant for Hum.203, implementing WAC.

Material Presented: Panel presentation materials and SUWC Undergraduate Program workshop material samples [66 PP slides; Sample essays/ essay exams:33 pages]
[Wrap-up minutes]

EWCA 2006, Istanbul Review: Connecting the dots
by Dilek Tokay
Bosphorus Project
of Ricmond University by Dr. Joe Essid [Aftermath of EWCA 2006]
Host: Bogazici University, Conference Organization Committee from BU School of Foreign Languages Venue: Bogazici University, South Campus – Bebek/ Istanbul – Albert Long Hall, Rector?s Building, and the Kennedy Lodge.

Richmond Writing Across the Curriculum Newsletter

The Eighth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference – Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, May 17- 22, 2006
Conference Website

Workshop Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: Effective Dialogues and Encouragement for WIC /WAC Issues and Centers for Excellence at High Schools [63 PP slides; 7 Appendixes} 27 pages]
Panel: Bridging the Gap between Secondary School and Higher Education for the Development of Writing Skills.
Panelists: Pamela Childers [McCallie School]
Gerd Brauer [University of Education, Freiburg]
Dilek Tokay [ Sabanci University Writing Center] [25 PP slides]
Host: Clemson University Venue: Clemson University, SC/ USA – Conference Center

Management, Economics, and Community [MEC] Business Conference 2006, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, April 7-10, 2006
Workshop Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: Effective Interviewing Strategies to Get into the Jobs you Want [Turkish] [49 PP slides for workshop; 5 Sample Question Sheets for group work; 9-page handout; 4 impromptu simulations/role-plays]
[Workshop ppt]

Panel: 20 mins. Round – up session with the other speakers
Host: Bilkent University, School of Business Administration; MBA and MEC Groups Venue: Buyuk Abant Hotel, Abant/ Bolu

European Writing Centers Association Conference – EWCA 2005: Local Practice, Global Vision – Halkidiki, Greece, June 17-19, 2005
Conference Website

Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: Creating Writing Center Ethos: ‘Workshop -Tutorial – Follow-up’ Trilogy Based on Trust, Respect, and Joy. [46 PP slides for presentation and interaction; Sample materials: 45 pages – Workshop posters with contents/ sample student essays in First draft and edited version/ checklists]
[Workshop ppt]

Host: European Writing Centers Association Venue: Athos Palace, Halkidiki, Greece

Academic Writing & Reading in Higher Education Reform in Azerbaijan – Baku, Azerbaijan, May 18-21, 2005
Featured Speaker: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: As panelist: 5 Pre-conference Panels & 4 Conference panels Academic Reading and Writing at Sabancı University and the Writing Center As Presenter: Academic Reading and Writing in Turkish Higher Education and at Sabancı University; Writing Center Programs [49 PP slides for presentation and interaction; Sample materials: 18 sample posters with writing workshop contents; sample workshop handouts; 3 CIAD &3 Writing Center leaflets for different programs]
[Conference program]
[Workshop ppt] [Press release]
Host: Baku University of Languages & Open Society Venue: University of Languages, Baku, Azerbaijan

Seventh WAC Conference: WAC from an International Perspective  – St Louis, Missouri, USA, May 20-22, 2004
Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: Writing Centers as Sites for High School and College Linkages
[53 PP slides for presentation and interaction; Sample materials: 6 pages;

Survey extracts: 10 pages]
[Workshop ppt]
[Supplementary document]
Host: University of Missouri, Campus Writing Program with assistance from Cornell University,
Rice University, and Washington University

Venue: Mariott Hotel, St Louis [Downtown]

Regional Writing Centers Seminar: How do we Make Writing Centers Matter to Bilingual Communities? Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey, April 16-18, 2004
Seminar Page
Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: Writing Center Experiences at Sabancı University: From Infancy to Childhood,
[32 PP slides for presentation and interaction; Sample materials: 4 pages]
Liaison Role of University Writing Centers: What happens before we say “welcome” and after we say “farewell” to our students.
[21 PP slides for presentation and interaction; Survey extracts: 6 pages]
Host: Sabancı University, CIAD – Writing Center
Venue: Sabancı University, Gebze, Orhanli, Istanbul [Main Campus]

European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing [EATAW II] Joint Conference with the European Writing Centers Association [EWCA]: Tutoring and Teaching Academic Writing
Budapest, Hungary, June 23 – 25, 2003

Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: University Writing Centers’ Liaison with Secondary Education Institutions.
[58 PP slides for presentation and interaction; Sample “Needs Analysis” forms: 8 pages; SUWC pamphlets: 7 pages in three categories].
[Workshop ppt]
Host: EATAW & EWCA Venue
: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

MEF Schools ELT Conference: Power of the Written Word – Istanbul, Turkey, April 19, 2003
Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: A Writing Center Experience: Verba Volant; Scripta Manent.
[38PP slides for presentation and interaction; Survey handouts: 12 pages; “Needs Analysis” forms: 8 pages; Questionnaire results: 4 pages]
Host: MEF Schools
Venue: MEF Schools Headquarters, Ulus, Istanbul

Halkidiki Workshop on Peer Tutor Training for European Universities – Thessaloniki, Greece,
June 7 – 10, 2002

Presenter: Dilek Tokay
Material Presented: SU – CIAD Writing Center Curriculum Design & Activities
[57 PP slides Posted on Blackboard (on-line Writing Centers link) Marquette
University – Milwaukee, WI, USA]

Host: Anatolian University of Thessaloniki Venue: Agionissi Resort , Amoliani, Halkidiki, Greece

First Conference of the European Association for the Teaching of Writing (ETAW) in co-operation with the European Writing Centers Association [EWCA] Groningen, Netherlands, June18 – 20, 2001
Presenter: Dilek Tokay & Nancy Karabeyoglu
Material Presented: Creating Voices – Creating Writers in the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs as Writing Center Workshop and Course Designers.
[28 PP slides and 18 pages sample workshop design materials]
Host: University of Groningen Venue: University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands