December 7th, 2016


Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (2010-)
Ph.D. in Political Science
Majors: International Relations and Turkish Politics
GPA: 3.87/4
Dissertation: Social movements and Citizenship: A Comparative-Historical Analysis of Conscientious Objections in Turkey and Israel
Committee: Fuat Keyman, Ayşe Gül Altınay, Ayşe Kadıoğlu

Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey (2007-2010)
M.A. in Modern Turkish History
GPA: 3.71/4
Thesis: L’espace du Sujet, Sujet de L’espace
Committee: Birol Caymaz, Hakan Yücel, Merih Zıllıoğlu

Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey (2001-2007)
B.A. in Economics
GPA: 3.04/4

Milas Anatolian High School, Muğla, Turkey (1994-2001)
GPA: 4.83/5

Visiting Faculties                                                                                   

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel (2014-2015)
Visiting research student in Middle Eastern Studies

Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, France
Institut de Langues Vivantes and Centre International D’Etudes Françaises 2005-2006
GPA: 395/450


Durgun, Doğu. Home is Where You Make It? Gender and Ahmet Davutoğlu’s Strategic Vision in the Middle East. Geopolitics 21, no. 3 (2016): 628-660.

Durgun, Doğu. With or Without State: A Brief Analysis of the LGBT Movement (in Turkish). Kültür ve Siyassette Feminist Yaklaşımlar 23 (2014)

Durgun, Doğu and Kalaycıoğlu, Elif. A New Turkish Citizenship? Contestation of Muslim Women and LGBT Organizations. In Turkish Studies at a Glance: Interdisciplinary perspectives on local and translocal dynamics, Kamp K. et al. (ed.), 75-91. VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2014.

Durgun, Doğu. Homosexuality in the Islamic-Conservative Discourse (in French). In Dire les Homosexualités d’une Rive à l’Autre de la Méditerranée, Dayan-Herzbrun, Sonia et al. (ed.), 141-155. Tumultes, Edition Kimé, 2013.

Durgun, Doğu. Gay Spaces: Negotiation among Gay Men in Istanbul (in Turkish). Kültür ve Siyasette Feminist Yaklaşımlar 12 (2010)

Scholarship and Awards                                                                      

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship for eight-month long research (2014-2015)
Full Scholarship Award for PhD in Political Science, Sabancı University (2010-2016)
Second prize winner in Dicle Koğacıoğlu Article Competition with the article “Gay Spaces: Relation of Gender Performance of Gay Men with Heteronormativity,” Gender and Women Studies’ Forum, Sabancı University (2010)
Eurolarg Intensive Program Scholarship for two-week long seminar on Europeanization and Enlargement at Lisbon University, Portugal (2009)
Erasmus Exchange Program Scholarship for one-year long education at Université Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, France (2005-2006)

Invited Talks and Presentations at Conferences                             

“One step further, one step back: LGBTI movement in Turkey, in the context of governmental crisis (in French),” at MUCEM, Marseille, France, 2016.

“Conscientious objection and ethnicity in Turkey and Israel: A comparative-historical perspective,” at Columbia University, ASN Annual Convention, New York, USA, 2016.

“Resisting bodies: Subjectivity, agency and objection movement in Turkey and Israel (in French),” at Centre Norbert Elias, EHESS, Marseille, France, 2015.

“Whose agency matters? A comparative-historical analysis of militarization in Turkey and Israel,” at Midwest Political Science Association Annual Convention, Chicago, USA, 2014.  “With or without state: The history of LGBT movement in Turkey” at ISA Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada, 2014.

“Imperial Vision: A comparative analysis of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s and Ahmet Davutoğlu’s foreign policy visions,” at ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, USA, 2013.

“A new Turkish citizenship? Contestation of Muslim women and LGBT organizations,” at Contemporary Turkish Studies at a Glance, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul, Turkey, 2012.

“Fathers and Sons: Turkish Foreign Policy Discourse towards Middle East,” at ISA Annual Convention, San Diego, USA, 2012.

“Turkey at the Crossroads of Civilizations,” at Turkish Political Science Association Annual Convention, Istanbul, 2011.

“A Feminist Perspective on Ahmet Davutoğlu’s ‘Strategic Depth’,” at MURCIR Conference, Istanbul, 2011.

“City as Geography of Desire: Negotiation among Gay Men in Istanbul,” at European Geographies of Sexualities Conference, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels, Brussels, 2011.

“Homosexuality in the Islamic and conservative discourse in Turkey (in French),” at EHESS, Paris, 2010.

“Subject of Space, Space of Subject,” at First Graduate Conference, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, 2010.

Work and Internship                                                                            

Head Teaching Assistant in Humanity and Society, Social and Political Science, Sabancı University, Istanbul (2015-2016).
Graduate Member of ISA LGBTQA Caucus (2014-2015).
Member of the Organizing Committee at “Gendered Memories of War and Political Violence Young Researchers Conference”, Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (2013-2014).
Teaching Assistant in Law and Ethics, Social and Political Science, Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (2013-2014).
Teaching Assistant in Humanity and Society, Social and Political Science, Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey (2010-2013).
Member of Organizing Committee at “Knowledge and Power,” Galatasaray University, Istanbul (2010).

Attended Workshops                                                                          

Workshop on Civil Society in Turkey, Koç University (2016).
Workshop on Network Analysis, Koç University (2011).
Workshop on Europeanization and Enlargement, Lisbon University (2010).

Academic Interests                                                                              

Social Movements, Citizenship, Security Studies, Gender/Queer Studies, Turkish Politics.


Languages: Turkish (native), English (Very Good), French (Very Good) and Arabic (Beginner)


Association for the Study of Nationalities
International Studies Association
Midwest Political Science Association