Is it really possible to train people on leadership? A lifetime has been dedicated to search for the answer of this quest and we still have questions in our mind whether it will work for everyone. What I truly believe is, if there will be a ready made pill that turn people into leaders, this will definitely be created here in MIT.

As of today the pill is not available out in the market yet but it is exiting to see the approach of the tenured professors who are involved personally with all the passion they put into creating and evolving the recipe each day. We were really lucky to be a part of this process and even create some small inputs onto this great amount of efforts by using the vision and understanding from the other side of the world.

We are here maybe only for 2 weeks in total and this is only the second day of the program but the teachers somehow made us feel like we are already part of a family. The experience we have is beyond the expectations (that were also high) and it is good to feel “the quality” in every part and every minute of the schedule.

Some things to google and focus our studies and research further:

vucca world / bystander / sense making / clb(career limiting behavior) / distributed leadership

” a vision without sense making is hallucinating”

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