Diving – 2* Scuba


The theory is over! Now the water is deeper. Each action you make has consequences. At MIT, it all started with a computer simulation in the end of first week. Although the lectures was guiding us how to take actions, the real-life computer aided simulation beat most of us as expected. Success comes to the teams who takes seriously+plan ahead of actions, doesn’t give up and focus on the learning curve of the simulation itself.

Becoming a 2* diver comes with practice, practice and practice… The final tests are taken at deep under water where you might not even answer simple questions like “who is the president” if you are not yet ready for deep sickness. The best way to overcome this sickness is make your body adapt to the “new world” just like avoiding a jet lag. It may take some time in the beginning but never give up!

 The simulation itself and second week IDEA classes about entrepreneurship including company visits here in the Boston area were fascinating and truly inspiring! Here lies the world’s most condense area for entrepreneurship after Silicon Valley (that is focused mostly on software dev.) Graduate students from the top50 universities are highly encouraged to become part of this “next step” by seeking an angel investor or ventures capital firm. This environment helps them adjust their body to seek future visions for both parties and creates a win-win environment. Awareness and Visioning are really strong words especially when there is an opportunity to focus on realizing your dreams.

Becoming a 2* diver comes with a responsibility…

You are now in charge of another individual’s life who has only 1*. H/She trusts you. You need to know your friend’s-colleagues reactions better then yourself. You are not a weakest link anymore, however  it is your responsibility to lead and you know that every action of the team shall integrate with each other. Becoming an entrepreneur needs passion! You have to build a team and this will most of the time get you slower. This price is something you have to pay to get things done.

And believe me it is not the last price to pay! Your baby company will grow and there will be some time (which is sooner then the estimate) where you need to let it go. Or ask this question to yourself: do I want to be a king of a 1M company or 5% shareholder of 20M company ?


– Management is Art

– Management is about influencing people

– perception of friendship network shall be in line with the actual friendship network. (Bu da FaceBookculara gelsin:)

– propinquity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propinquity)

– in a given standart organization chart… Q: who has got the power? A:we don’t know!

– testing a product is risking your product idea.

– linear approach to problem solving does not work effectively.

– Annoying firms pushes people for invention! (finding a way to get through)

– Do we want to find the DNA of Sucessfull entrepreneurs?

– Being unambiguous is ambitious! We seek low unambiguouity for measurable metrics

Diving – 1*


Everyone has dived at least once in their lifetime. Some we can’t remember as we were just a fetus by then, some we can, like descending our head under the water level in the bathtub when we were a child. It is a mind blowing experience! It varies for each individual how deep they can handle or how often they seek to dive when they become older.
This is not only about the genes or how crazy we are but also the passion that is coming through our reptile brains. Let me be a bit more clear and relate this with our experiences at MIT before you close the browser.

Framing the subject, although necessary in order to achieve results, can be extremely dangerous. Diving actually tells us even the world we live in is a frame itself and all the results that we come up with are based on some assumptions.

We take these assumptions as reference points and call them “standards” then by using these standards we take some decisions to proceed in one direction, if others don’t follow or oppose we punish or isolate them, if they follow, we award them and try to create a common “culture” where no one remembers why/when/how we have those standards and which assumptions(sacrifices) we made in order to achieve a result in the first place…

Did you ever met with a top-notch local diver teacher at a small town?
He/She is probably the best leader you can ever met. Doesn’t necessarily make millions but he saves lives each day without even operating on people… Just by leading.

By the way, he trains us at land with words, but underwater he is leading only by signs.
Please try this only one day back at your workplace, try to lead people in a way that their lives are under threat, but they still follow you even when you are not talking…

– “People won’t give power voluntarily”
– “In cultural organizations, Action comes through habits”
– “Engineers like MIT and you need to like engineers to teach @MIT… ”
– “Conflict is not bad by itself, it is what we do with it”
– “It is better to assign power to group thinking if you already know the answer

… To be Continued



Is it really possible to train people on leadership? A lifetime has been dedicated to search for the answer of this quest and we still have questions in our mind whether it will work for everyone. What I truly believe is, if there will be a ready made pill that turn people into leaders, this will definitely be created here in MIT.

As of today the pill is not available out in the market yet but it is exiting to see the approach of the tenured professors who are involved personally with all the passion they put into creating and evolving the recipe each day. We were really lucky to be a part of this process and even create some small inputs onto this great amount of efforts by using the vision and understanding from the other side of the world.

We are here maybe only for 2 weeks in total and this is only the second day of the program but the teachers somehow made us feel like we are already part of a family. The experience we have is beyond the expectations (that were also high) and it is good to feel “the quality” in every part and every minute of the schedule.

Some things to google and focus our studies and research further:

vucca world / bystander / sense making / clb(career limiting behavior) / distributed leadership

” a vision without sense making is hallucinating”