Emre  Biçer

SU Nanotechnology Research and Application Center


    PhD: Ankara University, Dept. of Chemistry

  • Thesis Title: Novel organic polymers in Li-ion Batteries
  • Advisor: Prof. Dr. Atilla Ōktemer
  • MSc: Ankara University, Dept. of Chemistry
  • Thesis Title: Manganese(III) Acetate Mediated Radical Cyclization Reactions of Active Methylene Compounds with Heteroaroatic Substituted Alkenes
  • Advisor : Prof. Dr. Tarık Pekel
  • BSc: Ankara University, Dept. of Chemistry

Work Experience

    2007-2012: TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Energy Institute, Senior Researcher

  • 2013: University of Muenster, Post-Doc Research Fellow
  • 2014: Sabancı University, Post-Doc Research Fellow 

Areas of Interest

  • 1. High Energy Li-ion Batteries
  • 2. Organic Radical Battery
  • 3. Novel MOF-based Catalysts for Li/air Batteries
  • 4. Synthesis of Biogically Active Dihydrofuran Compounds