Journal Papers:

Asghari Arpatappeh, F., Ghareaghaji, A. A., Nosraty, H., Enhancing Tensile Properties of epoxy resin matrix composites laminated by PAN, PA 6-6, and PAN/PA 6-6 electrospun nanofiber layers, (submitted)

Conference Proceedings:

Asghari Arpatappeh F., Ghareaghaji A. A., Nosraty H., Investigation on the tensile properties of nanocomposites laminated with hybrid and pure electrospun nanofibrous layers, The 9th National Textile Engineering Conference, May 07, 2014, Tehran. (Oral Presentation)

Asghari Arpatappeh F., Shanbeh M., Investigation on The Effect of Process Parameters on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Viscose Rotor Spun Yarns and Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics, 8th National Conference on Textile Engineering- October 2011, Yazd, Iran.