Doctorate Students

Saeedeh Ahmadi Basir, PhD, ongoing.  Research on rich vehicle routing problems. (co-supervised with A. Gizem Özbaygın)

Amin Ahmadi Digehsara, PhD, ongoing.  Research on line planning problems in public transportation. (co-supervised with Ralf Borndörfer)

Danial Esmaeili Aliabadi, PhD, December 2016. Agent-Based Analysis of Collusion and Competition in Electricity Markets. (co-supervised with Murat Kaya)

Ahmad Hosseini, PhD, December 2014. Multi-Period Multi-Product Distribution Planning Problems: Model-Based and Network-Based Approaches. (co-supervised with Tonguç Ünlüyurt)

Master of Science Students

Yasaman Karimian Hadi Ardebili, MS, ongoing.  Research on seasonality in spare-parts network-design problem. (co-supervised with F. Tevhide Altekin)

Semih Boz, MS, ongoing.  Research on multi-periodicity in spare-parts network-design problem. (co-supervised with Abdullah Daşçı)

Ali Ebadi Torkayesh, MS, ongoing.  Research on collusion in electricity markets.

Elif Yılmaz, MS, ongoing.  Research on collusion in electricity markets.

Hazal Ercan, MS, July 2019. On Modeling the Single-Period Spare-Parts Distribution System Design Problem by Mixed Integer Linear Optimization Problem. (co-supervised with F. Tevhide Altekin)

Barış Esen, MS, January 2019. Utilizing Genetic Algorithm to Detect Collusive Opportunities in Deregulated Electricity Markets.

Görkem Yençak, MS, August 2015. Optimal Consolidation of Air Freight for an International Cargo Carrier.

Ezgi Aylı, MS, January 2015. A Network Design Problem for a Post-Sale Services Distribution System. (co-supervised with F. Tevhide Altekin)

Fardin Dashty Saridarq, MS, August 2013. Workload Balancing in Transportation Crew Scheduling.

Ekin Köker, MS, August 2013. Multi-commodity Network Flow Problems with Substitution.

Ali Çetin Suyabatmaz, MS, June 2012. Railway Crew Capacity Planning Problem with Connectivity Considerations in Pairings.

Soner Beyhan, MS, February 2012. A Column Generation Algorithm for Robust Gate Assignment Problems. (co-supervised with Dilek Tüzün Aksu)

Mustafa Şahin, MS, July 2011. Multi-vehicle One-to-one Pick-up and Delivery Problem with Split Loads.

Birol Yüceoğlu, MS, July 2009. Tactical Crew Planning at Turkish State Railways.