Lab members

Principle Investigator:
Meltem Elitas, PhD in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
                                MSc. in Mechatronics
                                BSc. in Electrical Engineering
Graduate students:
Dogukan Kaygusuz, BSc. in ME: Biosensors, Cell separation methods
Enver Ersen, BSc. in ME: Soft robotics, Surgical robotics
Hande Karamahmutoglu, BSc. in ME: Lab-on-a Chip assays for mammalian cells
H. Yusuf Altun, BSc. in Molecular Bio: Lab-on-a Chip assays for mammalian cells, Cell characterization methods
Sumeyra Vural, BSc. in Bioeng: Biosensors, Cell characterization methods
Undergraduate students:
Alara Altay, BSc. in ME: MEMs, Cell separation methods
Ege Can Onal, BSc. in ME: Surgical robotics, Soft robotics
Hasan Arda Sahin, BSc. in ME: Soft robotics, Control
Umut Baris Gogebakan, BSc. in EE: MEMs, Cell separation methods
Our new lab members, greatly welcome! 

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