Flow Theory/ Self-actualization/ Optimism

Dear all,

I want you to take notes on the three theories that we worked today. You will need these notes to answer (write a paragraph) some questions about them later.

Flow Theory/ Self-actualization/ Optimism & Pessimism



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  1. selenyon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:29 am

    Optimist Theory: Developer Martin Seligman. People in 2 categories:optimists pessimists.How react positive negative events.Optimists see good outcomes. Pessimists opposite.Optimists happier.Seligman theorises learned trait .Increase their levels happiness.

    Self-Actualization Theory:Taken Abraham Maslow.Hierarchy of needs.Born do something.Fulfill yourself.Find your abilities.Find true happiness.

    Flow Theory:Dr.Chi.focus on something.Enjoy challenging.Don’t notice time.Dom something which makes you happy.Completely involved.don’t worry about anything.

    I’m afraid you need more ideas on flow theory to be able to write a paragraph on it later.
    Thank you

  2. cemtoreton 01 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    Self-actuaization theory:
    taken from work of Abraham maslow who created “hierarchy of needs”-expalin what element people need to live.bottom our biological needs:food shelter sex.top of the hierarchy self -actuaization.maslow:a person’s need to be and do that whıch person was born to do,writers need to write.if they aren’t abel to fulfil themselves,to do the things they born to,they fell restless tense.
    characteristics:more aware of their environment,not afraid of unknown.they are accepting their faults-imperfections,have deep interpersonal relationships,they are creative own way.
    flow theory:
    have challenges ın lıfe.thıngs makes us happy forexample painting,playing piano,being mother-father…Do not notice time.Completely involved.While we consantrate time pass and we will feel tire because challenging.
    optimist theory:
    developer martin seligman.optimist persons see always the fılled part of the glass and the pesımıst ones see emty part.optimists live full filed life.optimism is learn trait and that peolpe can devolop a stronger sense of it to increase their happiness.

    Notes on Flow & Self actualization are good but the optimism theory is missing important ideas

  3. gizemgokceron 01 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    self-actualization theory:

    born to do things
    being creative
    fulfil themselves
    knowing yourself
    feel restless and tense
    good relationships with others and with our familly
    find true happiness
    get confident
    more succesful

    optimism and pessimism theory:

    never look back
    thinking positive
    always thank for things you have
    give positive energy to others
    change your life in a good way
    being succesful
    being happier person

    flow theory:
    completely involved,focused,concentrating
    no worries aboutself
    dont notice time passing,time flies
    examples:meditation,yoga,playing chess,art,doing your favorite hobby,reading your favorite book,…
    emotional problems seem to disappear
    self-rewarding experience
    being outside everyday reality

    Very good notes thank you.
    Only Optimism theory is a bit general. How to do optimists and pessimists react when things go wrong; you need to take notes on that as well.

  4. berivanbrknon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    SELF-ACTUALIZATION THEORY is about know yourself.people born with a reason and it helps you to have a fulfill life.so they are creative and accept of themselves including their faults.also they have deep personal realitionship with others.
    maslow who believe this theory created a pyramid which inclueded levels.it’s about human’s society life.so maslow says the education system interfere with people’s ability to do what they were born to do.
    OPTIMIS THEORY developed by m.seligman.he divides into 2 categories all people which are optimistic and pessimistic.optimists thinks positively and see good outcomes.they aren’t hopelessness about the future.
    FLOW THEORY is about challenge.you don’t notice time cause you enjoy what you’re doing.there is a goal and you improve yourself.you have to be completely involved in.

    Please use noun phrases or chunk when you are taking notes but do not write sentences.
    Thank you

  5. bortecinebon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    Flow Theory:
    Challenge with something.
    Do not notice time.
    Completely involved.
    For example; playing piano, chess and being a mom.

    Self-Actualization Theory:
    Taken from Abraham Maslow who creates hierarchy of needs.
    The top of the hierarcy is self-actualization.
    Described it as “a person’s need to be and do that which the person was born to do.”
    For example; Writer needs to write.
    People are able to fulfil themselves, to do the things that what they were born to do.
    If they are not they feel restless.
    Not afraid of the unknown.
    Accepting people including their faults.
    Have deep relations.
    Have creativity.

    Optimist Theory:
    Divide into two categories: pessimists and optimists.
    Optimists see everything in good way.
    Act positively.
    If they do wrong things, they do not see it negatively and believe that everyting will be okey.
    Happier people.
    More stronger.
    Pessimists are opposite of optimists.
    They are negative.
    See the events in bad way.
    Sad people.
    If a bad event happens, they think that they can not handle with it and everything will be more bad.

    Very good notes 🙂
    Thank you

  6. erenkaymazon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    Each of us must have a flow for pursue that,it could be a chess,a sport activity etc.
    We can’t have a constant flow because our mind couldn’t handle it.
    While we consantrate our flow, time is passing fastly and when it will be done we feel tire because it’s challenging for us.

    Flow theory must be challenging, it can’t be like watching TV.The flow can be reading a good book or working something.We can’t be in constant flow cause our mind can’t handle it.


    We all have our biological needs ,except that everyone born to do something which is delightfull for him or her and when we do it; we feel restless and tense.
    There are some characteristics of self-actualising people: not afraid of the unknown // accepting themselves and others including their faults and imperfections // deep relations with other people // creative in their own way
    They find true happiness

    // There is a hierarcy of needs ; At the bottom ^^biological needs^^ like food sex and sheltor.At the top is self-actualization.We born to something,for example the writer’s need to write,athlete’s need to play their sport.They feel restless and tense.


    All people divide into 2 categories ; optimist and pessimist.Optimists believes they provide good outcomes of their own abilities and the opposits caused by external powers.They can’t be encouraged.
    The pessimists believes the bad things will be never ended and they think they aren’t good enough and it will be continue forever.
    As we can see the optimist people are happier than pessimist people.Optimism is a thing that we can learn and develop.

    // Developer is Martin Seligman.He divides people into two type opttimist and pessimist.
    optimist: See the good outcomes as a result of their own abilities and poor outcomes caused by external forces.They cant be discouraged by bad outcomes,they believe next time it would be better.
    Pessimist says they arent good enough and bad results will continue.Obviously optimists are happier than pessimists.

    Please use noun phrases or chunk when you are taking notes but do not write sentences.
    Thank you

  7. mertbocnakon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:33 am

    Optimist theory:

    * Peoples divides into 2 categories: Optimists & pesimists

    * They view the world in a diffrent way.

    * Optimists: they belive everything is going to be good, they react happens positive.

    * Pesimists: they believe everything is going to be bad, they react happens negative.

    * Thats why their reactions are becomes totally diffrent.

    * For example if their boss calls him/her to talk about something the optimist person thinks he get promotion at work but the pessimist person think he/she gets fired.

    * Also theese things effects your life. Optimist persons life becomes happier then pessimists. They are enjoying their lifes more then pessimist.

    Self-Actualization Theory

    *This theory explains what elements people need to live.

    *People born with aims,pursues…people do which person was born to do.

    *A writer needs to write, an athlete?s need to play their sport.

    *If people aren?t able to fulfil themselfs, to do things they were born to do, they feel restless and tense.

    *They are more aware their environment then ohers and not afraid of the unknow. They are accepting themselfs and others with their problems and faults. They are more emotional and interpersonal relations with others. More creative then others.

    Flow Theory:

    *It has to be focused,concentrated,completely involved

    *Has to be enjoyable, not worries about ourself. Don?t notice time passing.

    *Flow to something is can be playing chess, sudoku,art, beeing parent or playing basketball.

    *Everything which has got challenge and enjoyable.

    *We can?t use Flow theory every time because our body and brain can?t handle it.

    Please use noun phrases or chunk when you are taking notes but do not write sentences.
    Thank you

  8. okyildirimon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:34 am

    Flow Theory: This theory is about challenging. Challenging but also enjoyable thinks to do. Like sudoku, reading books…

    Self-Actualization Theory: This theory is taken from the work of Abraham Maslow. He created the ”Hierarchy of needs”. He find out our biological needs; food, shelter, sex. He explained some characteristics of self-actualising people;

    #They are more aware of their environment than others and not afraid of the unknown.

    #They do not judge anyone with only their mistakes, they accept tehir mistakes and imperfections.

    #Relationship is very important for that people.

    #They do not disturb anybody on his way, they are creative people and each in their own way.

    Optimist Theory: Optimist people generally have a fulfilled life because they always see the pozitive thing on any bad happens. They do not become discouraged by negative events.

    Pessimist Theory: They are the oppsite of optimist people. Their life is generally unfulfilled.

    Please use noun phrases or chunk when you are taking notes but do not write sentences.
    Thank you

  9. mertkahvecion 01 Oct 2010 at 11:37 am

    Abraham Maslow created a theory which called Self-Actualization.This theory includes the elements people need to live.By the way self-actualization people are creative and they have deep relationships.
    The other one is Martin Seligman’s theory.He divides people in 2 categories which are optimists and pessimists.Generally optimists believe that a lot of thing will be fine in the future but on the other way pessimists choose to not join this idea.They are just the opposite.
    Last one is Dr.Csikszentmihalyi’s.Ä°ts Flow Theory.He has been studying this for over 40 years.Also he give an example for flow activity that when you are reading smth. and looked up and suddenly an hour past.’But we cant do this all the time’ he said.Cause our bodies cant handle it.

    Do not use sentences when you are taking NOTES: They need to be really notes

  10. emrebilginon 01 Oct 2010 at 11:49 am


    everyone coming for a reason
    everyone .. has a thing to do
    if you dont find .. u feel useless restless and tens
    people who find the reason find the true happiness
    more aware .. environement
    deep interpersonal relation
    each in own way

    people divided .. 2 categories= optimist & pessimist.
    Optimist: everything going to be good
    pessimist: everything going to be bad

    Flow:Things which chalenging us.
    reading book
    working on sth.

    Your notes on flow theory and optimism are a bit general. You might have problems in explaining these terms if you are asked to write a description on them just by using your notes.
    Thank you

  11. ytekinalpon 03 Oct 2010 at 12:01 pm

    Martin Seligman has a theory that called optimism/pessimism. He divided all people into two groups:optimsists and pessimists.
    optimist people always think in a positive way. they never feel negatively and see good outcomes as a result of their efforts. optimists are happy people and their belief always increase their level of happiness on the other way pessimist are opposite of optimists.they don’t think positively all the time. If they make mistakes or bad efforts, their moral will decrease easily.This makes them nervous and they can’t see good outcomes for their future. Pessimists can’t make friends as much as optimists because their thinking influences their friends so that they lose their friends.
    flow theory was developed by Dr.C . He has been studying for about 40 years which called flow theory.It has some principles:
    these are deep focus on challenge (but enjoyable)
    demand intense concentration and commitment.
    Dr.C says that the true happiness depends on making flow constant part of people’s life but people can’t use flow theory all the time.Because our body and brain can’t handle it. Reading some books or working on something are some examples of flow theory.
    Self Actualization was developed by Abraham Maslow. His philopsy is ‘do what they were born to do and find true happiness.’for example a writer is need to write ,a basketballer need to play their sport.However if they can’t able to fulfil themselves,they feel restless and tense. They are creative and more aware of their environment than others. Also they have deep relationships with other people.

    When you are taking notes do not use sentences, but really take notes
    Thank you

  12. alibodurogluon 04 Oct 2010 at 10:05 am

    Flow theory is something good, i really like it. This says us we must pursuit our goals and than we don’t have time for geting bored.

    Self actualization is another good theory from Abraham Maslow. It’s not enjoyable like flow theory but it said us something for happiness.

    The book named them “theory” but optimism & pessimism is actualy about your personality. It’s the teory what says you try for change your personality if you a pessimist, it offers you to be an optimist.

    Please use noun phrases or chunk when you are taking notes but do not write sentences.
    Thank you

  13. serselon 04 Oct 2010 at 9:23 pm

    optımistic theory seperates all people into two categories.optimist and pesimist.optimistic theory is a kind of idea that think will be better.when somethings goes wrong,optimist people always think in a positive way.

    self-actualization theory is taken from the work of abraham maslow.some characteristic of self actualising people are more aware of their environment than others and not afraidof the unknown.

    flow theory was developed by Dr.C.it is sth fine.For instance deep focus on challenge is important principle.in addition reading a book working on sth contain flow theory.

    Please use noun phrases or chunk when you are taking notes but do not write sentences.
    Thank you

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