Extended definition for Flow theory

Can you try to write one extended definition for Flow Theory ?

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  1. senaaksoyon 04 Oct 2010 at 10:18 am

    Flow theory is a theory created by Dr.C in which you have to find your self a challenging hobbie or a work that you have to be full concentrated like meditation or a hard but enjoying book to finish so you can get far away from your problems in your real life….

    You need to give one sentence C+C+C definition of flow theory, but you need to divide up the rest of the paragraph into sentences. In this from it is incomprehensible and grammatically incorrect. The ideas are correct they should be presented ina better way (do not try to put too much information in one sentence).

    Thank you

  2. mertkahvecion 04 Oct 2010 at 10:28 am

    Flow Theory is a theory which is made by Dr. C.For example when you are working on a painting,time goes by so quickly and you dont even notice that you’ve spent the day.Also you cant do this all the time cause of human being.But if you do this generally you may find true happiness.

    In the example of painting you need to tell why & how time passes so quickly. You need to use the key terms to explain the theory (i.e. challange, deep concentration, enjoy, hobby, flow of time, etc). the last sentence is comment so omit it. Never use personal pronouns (I, you, we)

  3. gizemgokceron 04 Oct 2010 at 10:30 am

    Flow theory is a theory which means a deep focus when people concantrate on intensive work for challenging with himself or with others.People are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.They don’t notice time passing.It is self-rewarding experience and being outside everyday reality.Forexample;reading a good book,playing chess,yoga,meditation…

  4. berivanbrknon 04 Oct 2010 at 10:30 am

    flow theory is an idea which is about challenge something.it was created by dr.C. people have to focus on what they are doing with deep concentration.people are involved in a activity completely and everything will move smootly.people enjoy doing an activity when they are improving theirself or their skill like athletes who try to reach higher level.also people don’t notice time passing.but it dont work always in our life cause our body and mind can’t handle it.

    The last part of the definition is not distinguishing enough.
    Avoid using personalized language (I,you,we).
    Be careful with the use of pronouns. Sometimes I do not understand what they are referring to (eg. it).
    Pay attention to correct use of the verbs (passive or active: eg involve; correct use of simple present: eg. it don’t always work).
    Do not try to write too short as in the case of athletes, but explain it a littie to make the meaning clear.
    You included the key terms which I liked 🙂 (challenge, focus on, deep concentration, to be involved in an activity completely, athletes, time pass quickly, etc.)
    Thank you

  5. mertbocnakon 04 Oct 2010 at 10:32 am

    Flow theory is a state of deep focus that occurs when people engage in challenging tasks that demand intense concentration and commitment. Flow theory is everything which has got challenge and enjoyable.It has to be enjoyable and funny. It can be playing chess or playing basketball. Things which improve ourselfs and have fun with theese things. Also We can?t use Flow theory everytime because our body and brain can?t handle.

  6. ytekinalpon 04 Oct 2010 at 10:45 am

    Flow theory is an idea which was developed by Dr.C and it tries to describe how to people find the true happiness . According to flow theory people can find the true happiness with concentrating on enjoyable discussion. People may profit from this theory in daily life and it depends on making flow constant so you can find the true happiness. Playing basketball is an example of Flow theory because it demands intense concentration and commitment so this activities contain all of them.

    You need to consider rewording “how to people make flow constant”. (after to you need to put a verb)
    You need to consider rewording “with engaging in focus on challenging”.
    The next sentenceis missing a subject.
    Avoid using personalized language (I, you, we)
    Key terms are used and ideas follow each other. Nice and short 🙂

  7. erenkaymazon 04 Oct 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Flow theory is ; an idea which was developed by Dr.C,try to make our lives better.Everyone has a flow for being happy.The flow challinging us while we try to our best and we enjoy it.While we working our flow time pass slowly,we give immense,intense concentration and we focus that.We can?t have a constant flow because our mind couldn?t handle it.

    C+C+C definition last part is not distinguishing enough and you cannot add verbs just by putting a comma at the end of a perivious sentence. Try to form separate sentences.
    The flow challinging us, While we working : verb forms need to be revisited in both of the sentences
    our flow time pass: what does this mean. Please check the tapescript for the correct usage
    Ideas are correct and key terms are used 🙂 , but you need to polish the language alittle. Looking at the tapescript will help you
    Thank you

  8. cemtoreton 07 Oct 2010 at 11:46 am

    Flow theory is theory of Dr.C that for we to get happy. Ecording to Dr.C if we want to clean our brain and stop thinking that things that harming our mind we must have challenging our selves. Like when we playing basketball match we can’t think anything because of deep focus, so we can refresh our mind.

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