Being & Doing Cultures

What are some  differences between “Beeing & Doing Cultures”? Give examples from the book. (70-90 words)

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  1. senaaksoyon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:00 am

    The main difference is the doing culture is task-oriented and the being culture is people oriented. For example in doing culture people feel generally guilty if they have an empty agenda but opposed to that in being culture most people enjoy having free times and chatting with eachother… The greeting are also different, in doing culture they ask “How are you doing?” and in being culture they ask “How are you?”….
    Unlike doing culture,in being culture time is felexible. Generally, they don’t have meal as fast as the doing culture people do…

  2. selenyon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:02 am

    There are many differences between being and doing culture.For example; Time is important in doing culture.However time is flexible in being culture.Being culture people always think “Life is not a race.”.Most of people don?t feel pressure to do something all the time.On the other hand for doing culture people they have no time and they always busy.If they aren’t busy,they feel guilty.Many of doing culture people appreciate being handy.In contrast being culture people always don’t appreciate being handy.In doing culture they think talking and reading seen waste of time.Conversely,in being culture talking and reading are their activities.

    You used the compare contrast language effective and manged to hedge your language. 🙂 (“except Being culture people always think”)
    However, you need to make it clear whenyou start talking about a new difference. It is difficult to follow if the sentence is a support forthe previous idea or a new differencein introduced

  3. erenkaymazon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:02 am

    First of all ; Time is flexible for being culture conversely doing culture ,time is quite important.
    Second ; talking , reading is more important than activities in being cultur.
    Next ; people are generally busy in doing cultur but being cultur , they appear stay calm and rest.
    The other one is ; The services are largely different , in doing culture service is often fast ,dont want to wait and enjoy the eat and speaking about their relationships etc

    You need to write a paragraph, not sentences. It is a bit mechanic in its present form.

  4. berivanbrknon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:04 am

    Members of being culture are much more relaxed;in contrast,members of doing culture feel quilty when they are not busy.Being culture is based on people,so it is people oriented.On the other hand doing culture consider task oriented.So in doing culture they are greeting ‘How are you doing?’.They dont satisfied with what they have and they are always in a hurry.They are handy man,whereas in being culture fixing sth is work of low status workers.
    word count:86

    You need to group your ideas. For example, your 1st and the 4th sentences are completing each other and they should be written together.
    Your last sentence start with “They” who are they?
    It is better to start talking about one culture only and comparing that culture with another. This will help you maintain parallelism in your sentences a nd in your paragraph

  5. oguzhanuon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:05 am

    The being cultures are more people-oriented.People in being cultures mostly use relationships more than people in doing cultures,they prefer use relationships instead of activities.It is sure that time is flexible for being culture but time is important for doing culture.people in being culture don’t feel feel the pressure to do something else all the time however people in doing culture are supposed to do something unless they feel guilty.people in being culture have steady,rythmic and non-compulsive life; in contrast, people in doing culture are busy,and in a hurry.

    word count:84

    welldone 🙂

  6. elifmutluon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:07 am

    Being culture and doing culture have lot of differenties.For example, time is felexible for beşng culture as opposed to doing culture , time is important. Talking and reding activity are importantant for being culture on the other hand talking and reading seen is o work of time in doing culture.İn being culture people have no yime they always busy otherwise in doing culture peole aremore calm .Doing culture people are like handyman conversely in being culture people are leave that activity to low-status worker.

    word count:84

    I liked your first sentence which gives the main idea of the paragraph 🙂
    However, instead of giving all the differences one after another, you need to give one or two differences and support them with the examples from the book.
    You need to indicate in one way that you are about to introduce a new difference (e.g. one of the differences is…..; another difference between being culture & doing culture is that…)

  7. okyildirimon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:08 am

    Being and doing cultures have lots of diffrences in using time and their life styles. Time is very important for doing cultures, but in being cultures time is flexible. If time is important for any culture like doing cultures, they are always busy, and generally trying to do something, it is hard to be relax for this people, but on the other side being culture’s people are mostly relax and calm. Definetly they shouldn’t be hurry about doing something. It is also make a diffrence at their greetings, they usually say ”How are you doing” in doing cultures whereas in being culture they say ”How are you”. So it makes a big diffrence between these cultures.

    I liked your first sentence and the way you introduced the plan of the paragraph 🙂 However, by looking at the 1st sentence I expected you to introduce two ideas: TIME and LIFESTYLE. If you are going to talk about time only donot include life style.

    However, I believe it would be better to introduce two differences because you started repeating yourself in the paragraph (there is not enough ideas in the book to write one paragraph on that point only). For example, the other point could be being task oriented or people oriented.

    I liked the way you examplified the point you supported 🙂


  8. gizemgokceron 26 Oct 2010 at 10:12 am

    There are many differences between being & doing cultures.In doing cultures people generally try to stay busy because time is linear for them.Many people want to add few more goals to their life’s agenda.On the other hand, in being cultures people usually care relationships more than time. People don’t feel the pressure to do something all the time.For example; in doing culture people are capable of fixing most items around the house whereas in being cultures people think fixing items is a menial job that people need to leave that activity to a low status worker.

    Well done 🙂
    (Is there a problemin your first sentence?)
    Thank you

  9. alibodurogluon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:12 am

    Cultures can divide 2 groups, one is doing oriented cultures and the other is being oriented. For doing cultural people generally time is more important. They think time is linear, for example if you cannot do sth. on time you don?t have a second chance so they mostly seen less relax than being cultural people.

    For the being cultural people relationships are important. They are more pleasant. But sometimes it cause some fault about their jobs. It?s not important when they together but a doing oriented person has difficulties when he with being oriented peoples.

    93 words

    Talk about one culture only and compare it with the other one as you are explaining your main culture type.
    It cannot be one paragraph on doing and the other on being culture.


  10. serselon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:17 am

    The research indicates that being&doing culture are quiet different from each other. The most important difference between being&doing culture is time.Time is important in doing culture whereas time is flexible in being culture.In addition greetings differ from culture to culture.Doing culture’s people say “how are you doing?”.But in being culture,people say “how are you?”.The other difference between being&doing culture is people oriented.Being culture’s people value the relationship while production and work is important for doing culture’s people.

    You started very nicely 🙂 however, you need to support the idea of time issue with more examples
    There is a problem in ordering the ideas inthe paragraph. Greeting differences should be an example for the idea of being task oriented or people oriented. You need to introduce the main idea first and then support it with examples. This means you need to change the order of these sentences.

    Thank you.

  11. ytekinalpon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:18 am

    Edward Stewart categorized activity orientation into two groups: doing and being cultures. Doing culture emphasizes production, work, activity. However, being culture emphasizes relationships, taking time out to talk and inquire about other people. Unlike being culture, time is very important for doing culture. Being culture people often are more relaxed and are not so concerned with solving problems. In contrast, doing culture people want to solve problems and stay busy. For example, people in Pakistan love to talk much and when an American person goes to Pakistan, s/he feels like a prisoner because people do nothing in Pakistan.

    word count :98

    I have a feeling that you do not know much about input 4. If this is the case please study it before the exam tomorrow.
    Do not give the differences as a list but introduce them one by one and make sure that you support them with the examples fromthe book.

    Thank you

  12. mertbocnakon 26 Oct 2010 at 10:29 am

    There are two types of cultures. These are being and doing
    cultures. always People , who are in these cultures, have got diffrent life
    styles, diffrent thinks and diffrent words to ask. For example in being culture people greeting in a people oriented way :” How are you ? ” , ” How is the family?” but in the doing culture most people greeting in a task oriented way: ” How are you doing ?”. Also time is an other difrences between cultures. For beeing culture time is felexible. Altough in doing culture time is important.

    word count: 94

    You started well 🙂 However, you need to explain first what you mean by task oriented and people oriented. Then give the examples of different greeting types.

    You need to explain the time issue by giving examples (e.g services in a restaurant)


  13. emrebilginon 26 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    It is possible to say that there are many diffrences between doing culture and being culture. Mostly being culture people are more relaxed. However, doing culture people always try to fill their agenda. In doing culture people try to stay busy. They dont be satisfied and they feel guilty. On the other hand being culture people run away from working they try to stay free. Unlike doing culture, being culture people pay importance to relationships. Doing culture people generally see reading and talking as a waste of time instead of these they try to work.

    You started well 🙂 However, the sentence starting with “On the other hand, ..” is not true and not coming from the book
    Your last sentence is not a support for the previously introduced idea.


  14. A.Can Gebeson 26 Oct 2010 at 11:30 am

    Differences can be seen between being culture and doing culture. In being culture time is important whereas in doing culture time is flexible. For example; Generally, people consider talking a real activity and they don?t need to do anything in being culture but on the other hand they are getting bored when they don?t have any jobs or any works to do. Also,in doing culture is probably task-oriented however in being culture is people oriented. Actually these situations make the differences between doing and being cultures.

    I liked the way you started your paragraph 🙂 However, the support for the time issue is not correct and not coming from the book.
    You also could not provide a support for the idea of being task oriented or people oriented
    You need to read the input carefully and learn the ideas there.


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