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  1. gizemgokceron 24 Dec 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Clay Shirky: How social media can make history

    He talked about media?s great change and what means this great change for the people who have a massage to announce all over the world. He explained changes with several short stories. First one was about voting. People had anxiety about voting that might be obstructed by other people. So they decided to picturize voting. The idea behind this was that people wanted to show they weren?t there just for voting, they were there for checking security.
    When people look at technological developments that occur in the last 500 years, there is a great rise so it is probably to say that is a revolution. There were 4 main developments during that period. First and the famous one were printing and press. Then it followed up with telegraph-telephone, photograph-films, and lastly radio-television.
    After internet enters into our world, it caused enormous changes. First it provided many to many communication. Thus, films, magazines and conversations moved into the Internet. In this way, people started to communicate with each other more easily.
    Another example that he gave during his speech was 7.9 largeness earthquake which happened in China. Even during the earthquake, news had already started to spread. People wrote massages and recorded all disaster with their cameras. Then they putted these reports on the internet. So people all over the world could be able to reach this information. Even BBC learned this disaster firstly in Twitter. Social media became so powerful in our life that they provide outocontrol over governments and organizations. For example, after earthquake in China people realized that the reason for collapsing many schools was not only earthquake but also government official?s permission about building schools without obeying rules.
    Finally, at the end of his speech he pointed out ?how people use the media for their benefits?

  2. serselon 25 Dec 2010 at 1:17 am

    He mentioned about the transformed media landscape. And he explained this transformation with four main revolutions. The first one was printing press which include books, magazines etc. And then the conversational media appeared such as telegraph and telephone. After years recording media that like photos and recording sound developed. And at the end of the twentieth century radio and television appeared. All of them provide only one pattern of communication. But then internet provided to use all of them and people have watched TV program and commented about it at the same time. In addition he talked about an earthquake in china. Before the TV channel broadcasted about the earthquake, the new had already spread on the internet. And then some donations coordinated on the internet quickly. Moreover he talked about the benefit of internet and how we use it effectively.

  3. berivanbrknon 25 Dec 2010 at 12:53 pm

    His lecture’ main idea is about changing media landscape.He make contact with 4 revolutions in last 500 years which are printing and press,telegraph and telephone,photograph,recorded sounds and movies,and the last one radio and television.Internet connect with our today’s life and it become mode of carriage of other media patterns.As a consequence of that,people can hear,see,watch and talk with to each other.Also there is an another change that is changing consume to producer in the media.He is continuning with another story which is about earthquake of China.People who were there when earthquake became share video and photos of disaster before news agency.They were getting online in Twitter for sharing them.Social media have a huge effect on goverment.Also he mention about benefits of media and internet

  4. alibodurogluon 25 Dec 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Media started with printing press, after that conversation started with telegraph and later with telephone. Some times later recorded audio and video were existed and then providing audio or video via air or land. But you can do with all of these media only individual conversations or non-conversational news for groups.
    In the last decade this reality changed with internet. People can make group conversations on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Audiences have been providers in this conversation network. For example an earthquake has been occurred in China at 7.9 emphasis, and people focused conversation sites announced this disaster before QQ, which is Chinas internet news service. But in this conversation system it?s difficult to filtering contents of amateur media. China does it with Great Firewall of China.

  5. cemtoreton 25 Dec 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Clay Shirky is talking about transformed media landscape in this video. He start with the example that happened at last novmber that he talked day. Example about votting site in internet. Then he tell about how is media developed. First printing press used like magazines etc. he tell then two way comunication like phones, after phones hunderet and fifty years ago photo and video used and fifty years later televisions find and used for media. Lastly for twenty years internet have been using for media. ─▒nternet have comunication and contains all the other media types. Consumers can be producers in internet media. He continued his conversation with another example that earthquake happened in China. In this example he make us clear about speed of media in this years because as the quake happening news reported about earthquake. The last time China had that kind of serious quake government take three month to admit there was a quake. Media first sands one messages to all people with media then audience start talk back but the crazy change is audience can talk each other now. He finished his conversation with telling what is the main quastion and the quastion is how we could use media the best way?

  6. mertbocnakon 26 Dec 2010 at 10:23 pm

    He talked about the landscape of media. He explained this topic with four examples. The first one was about voting. Humans had some problems about voting. They didnt feel well and the opinion was take picture or record a video of them for security. After he talked about the developement of technology in 500 years. Developments start with the printing and press machine. Later telegraph and telephone, photographs and videos which record on a object and at the last radio and television. But in several years they found internet. It effect communication, films, magazines. And people start to communicate easily. The third example he mentioned was the earthquake which happened in china. But the intresting thing was chinease people twiting the earthquake, recording video or taking photo of the earthquake. Later he talks how social media effect on government. Lastly he mention about the benefits of media and internet.

  7. oguzhanuon 27 Dec 2010 at 12:09 am

    Clay Shirky talks about transformed media landscape by giving examples. The first example is about how communication is developed. Before internet people were communicating with devices such as telephone and TV. These were either one-to-one or one-to-many. This means there was only one idea that could reach one or many people. After internet lots of information spread all around the world. The lecturer carries on with another example which is about an earthquake occured in China. What was interesting is that it was shared on twitter during the earthquake. So because of the twits many people including BBC heard about it. This is how internet effected the transformation of media landscape.

  8. bortecinebon 27 Dec 2010 at 1:19 am

    He talked about changes in media. He explained this changes in some ways. Printing-press, telegraph-telephone, photograph-films, and lastly radio-television. When internet was entered in it affected world. Films, videos, and magazines was entered into it. Because of this, people communicated with each other easily. He mentioned the earthquake that happened in China. When the earthquake was started, news had already started. People recorded it with cameras and they putted them on the internet. Therefore, people could be able to reach it. He mentioned changes of internet and outcomes of internet.

  9. elifmutluon 27 Dec 2010 at 11:08 am

    lecture’s main idea is the landscape of media.Clay Shirky give some examples about the landscape .These examples are about development of tchnology ,voting as well as earthquake.He talk about first voting .people had some fears about voting because they was avoided by the other people.So they decided to picturize the voting.As a result people weren’t there just for voting ,they were for checking security.second topic is tchnological developments.iy occure in the last 500 years.he give 4 revolution about technolgical developments which are telegraph and telephone,photograph , printing and press,recorded sounds and movies as well as radioand teleision.when internet came into our lives ,it provided to use all technologicel developments which are watched TV and talk with each other ,comment at the same time.so it makes our lives more easy .Last topick in our lecture is earthquake.it happened in China.It is example for speed of media.when earthquake started , people take photos and videos than they share before news agency online in Twitter.Social media have some effects on goverment .

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