Monalisa (Unit 10 Input 1)

Explain two reasons that makes Monalisa a special paintig and explain the techniques used to create these two effects.

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  1. gizemgokceron 10 Jan 2011 at 12:47 pm

    One of the reasons that make Monalisa a special painting is, she looks alive. Giving an alive effect to Monalisa, Leonardo da Vinci used sfumato technique. This technique is a soft light which makes details unclear like an ambiguous. Leonardo used sfumato in Monalisa to the corners of mouth and the corners of the eyes. He has left these areas unclear, therefore people can never be absolute of the Monalisa? expression like is she smiling or sad? Another important reason is, Monalisa seems to be moving. For doing that Leonardo da Vinci used a technique in the way he has painted the mountainous background. In this technique, the left side is much lower than the right side which gives people the idea of movement.

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