CQ Unit 9 Prg 2

Breifly describe the general trend(s) shown in the graph below and suggest two possible factors which might explain this.

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  1. berivanbrknon 10 Jan 2011 at 12:38 pm

    This graph is about ife expectancy which through ages increased from 500 BC to 2000 AC .Life expectancy was 18 years old in Greece at 500 BC.In Rome at AD 100 there was a slight increase that is about 25 years.In 1900 life expectancy is about 47 years.It is sharply increased to 75 years in 2000 AD.There can be some possible reasons for this increasing.One of them is developing technology of health.Scientist could find causes or treatments for diseases and illness.Medicines can be empowered by developing technology.Also educating the people,which is the other factor,is getting better day to day.People can aware of their life and change their wrong decisions for their health.

  2. alibodurogluon 10 Jan 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Life expectancy is a result of general conditions which affect people. Illnesses like epidemics and difficulty of everyday jobs are two example for these conditions. In past humanity have less life expectancy. For example in 500 BC, the life expectancy had been less than 20 at Greece. After years, in 100 AD it increased 25 years in Rome. In years from 1200, UK citizens lived for 35 years average. In 1900, people lived for 47 years in US. Today life expectancy for the modern humanity is 75 years.

  3. cemtoreton 10 Jan 2011 at 1:03 pm

    This graph shows the life expectancy through ages from 500 BC to 2000 AC. Life expectancy getting sharply increased to 75 years in 2000. This shows that while time passing public health getting developing and people don?t die from illness easily. Also this may show treatments are developed and get useful. This increase can be occurring because of life quality?s increase too. In the 500 BC because of low education level life expectancy is 18 years. It is getting higher and higher to the time 2000 AC because education level is increasing

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