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Dec 02 2010

Unit 6 Input 2

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Write a paragraph of about 100 words on the following topic:

“Newspapers could give biased news.”

Support this view by giving examples from input 2. (Summary of the original news & examples of how the news shows variations in different newspapers are needed to be explain the topic well).

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Nov 23 2010

Input3 (Unit 5) The Arctic & climate change

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Explain one of the negative outcomes of climate change on the Arctic communities in 100 words.



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Nov 08 2010

Compare the Moon & Mars as places to live in

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Compare the Moon and Mars as places to live in terms of their distance from Earth, range of temperatures, weather conditions, gravity etc.

Write a paragraph of about 100 words

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Nov 01 2010

Black Hole

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How is black hole formed? Explain 2  important features of black holes (in 100 words)

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Oct 26 2010

Being & Doing Cultures

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What are some┬á differences between “Beeing & Doing Cultures”? Give examples from the book. (70-90 words)

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Oct 25 2010

comparison contrast sentences

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Combine the sentences below by using the linkers in the transitional signals document:


Time is flexible in high context culture

Time is important inlow context culture,


Time is important in doing cultures

Time is important in low context cultures

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Oct 20 2010

Unit 2 Content Check

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Please answer the question below by using ideas from Unit 2  (in about 80-100 words)

“What is one cause of a breakdown in cross-cultural communication? Explain by giving examples” Choose one of the causes given below:

Non-verbal communication differences

Communication style (context of the culture) differences

Action orientation differences

Social orientation differences

Self-orientation differences

World orientation differences

Make sure that you use comparison contrast language introduced under the WRITING/ TRANSITION SIGNALS of our blog.

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Oct 14 2010

Prozac Issues Notes Paragraphs 2-5 Sample Answer

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Sample Notes for Paragraphs 2

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Oct 14 2010

Speaking Assignment 3:

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You are going to give a speech on “What you understand from Non-verbal communication and its importance in maintaining the communicaion among people” You could also give examples from Turkish people living in Germany, America or other places.

Please make plan for the speech you are going to record on PODOMATIC: and display your plan here. Also note down the speaking language you are going to use to introduce your main points, introduction and conclusion.

Thank you

Meltem ­čÖé

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Oct 11 2010

Unit 2 Input 1

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what is non-verbal communication? What kind of problems could ocur between people from different cultures in absence of understanding non-verbal signs? Explain by giving examples from the book.

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