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                               NEW : Fiber Optics in India

I did my Ph.D in fiber optics  from Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, India. Am currently working as a postdoc at Sabanci University.

My main area of research is fiber optics sensors. I have worked on distributed fiber sensor, fiber Bragg grating, Long period grating, polarisation maintaining fibers.

I have worked on interesting application of the same – from application to test loops of reactor coolants, structural health monitoring of composites, aluminium conducting steel reinforced power lines to applications in monitoring human emotional state.

The latter – monitoring human emotional state, i believe, will be progressively integrated with structural health monitoring for inclusive and affective monitoring of structures. This is the future of fiber optics in structural health monitoring.

I also have interest in signal processing, ANN, GA, and have integrated with fiber optic sensors.

I have interest in philosophy – espescially, if you are interested in existentialism, you can always send me an email for a good argument (use the contact form).

I also am writing my novel  “A boring life story of a talking cat”.

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