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Adam Simpson has had a chapter published in the new TESOL Arabia publication, ?Developing Oral Skills in English: Theory, Research and Pedagogy?. In his chapter, entitled ?What constitutes effective oral exam practice??, he explored the ways in which learners practice the assessment format for speaking, what practice they are exposed to and their perceptions of how these activities did or did not benefit them in their exam performance.

With findings drawn from responses given by students attending the Sabancı University School of languages preparatory English program, the results were also presented at the IATEFL testing and assessment conference in Cyprus last October.

The volume also focuses on contemporary themes in the development of oral skills, and has been divided into sections related to oral communication anxiety, critical issues in oral skills, developing oral skills and the assessment of oral skills. Adam also prepared a summary of his research findings for the blog.

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ashley hazell yildirimMarch 17th, 2010 at %I:%M %p

Nice one, Adam. Look forward to reading it.
Ash in Hong Kong

AdamMarch 17th, 2010 at %I:%M %p

Cheers, Ashley. Hope all is well at your end.

KarenneMarch 20th, 2010 at %I:%M %p

Congrats Adam!

nuriMarch 28th, 2010 at %I:%M %p

well done David Vincent

AdamApril 13th, 2010 at %I:%M %p

Thanks, Karenne! Great to meet you at IATEFL.

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