Jacqueline Einer & Jonathan Smith at the fourth ELT Symposium in Antalya

Jacqueline Einer and Jonathan Smith attended the fourth ELT Symposium organised by Dünya Aktuel & Cambridge University Press in Antalya on 21st and 22nd May, 2011. The title of the symposium was Keeping it Real and the sessions which most stood out for us were:

Corpus Linguistics and the English Profile Project by Branko Stojanovic (CUP Serbia)

The aims of the English Profile project are to investigate what learner English is like for speakers of different languages at different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and to describe each level in terms of the lexis grammar and functional language which learners are able to use. In order to achieve this, a corpus of learner texts is being complied to supplement the existing Cambridge International Corpus and the corpus of learners performance in Cambridge ESOL exams. The CEFRL is now very widely used but is designed to be applied to any language; the hope is that this the English Profile project will provide better linguistic specificity to flesh out the CEFRL level descriptors specifically for English and be a publicly available source of corpus-based evidence for course designers and teachers. You can visit the project?s website and sign up to be able to enable your learners to contribute samples of their English to the corpus: www.englishprofile.org

Inside the Minds of the Internet Generation by David Marsh (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Taking the mobile phone as a starting point, Marsh argued that these devised are not new in themselves (we have had clocks, cameras, phones etc for years) – the innovation lies in the integration of these functions into a single device. The young people who have grown up using these and other integrated technological devices are generating their own habits of learning such as a preference for learning in a hands-on way and ways of thinking. This has implications for the teaching of English for academic purposes (EAP) namely that English language teaching should be embedded further into the curriculum of faculties and scaffolding the learners with with both content and language skills. Marsh envisages English language teaching professionals conversant with a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach being more fully integrated with the content lecturers and becoming an integral part of the faculty teams rather than isolated in a Language Centre and that this approach would better suit the learning approach of the Internet Generation.

The Magic of Teaching by The Henry Brothers with Doruk Ülgen

The Grand Finale of the whole event was an innovative and imaginative exploration of the parallels between teaching English and performing magic, performed by professional magician Doruk Ülgen and his two glamorous teacher-trainer assistants John Henry Moorcroft and Paul Henry Zarraga. thehenrybrothers.wordpress.com

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