Why everyone should eat some pie

One of the common conversation ice breakers are ‘ So what do you think of (some intangible and almost romantic concept)’ So I will be using this as an icebreaker from my siesta from writing at SUch as blog. Well I am back in Istanbul and here it goes.

I really thought I would want to share what I think of… growing up? Yeah, it’s one of those processes which we hear about incessantly and most of it being either too morose or pedantic. Hoping this post doesn’t become either of the afore-mentioned, I think growing up is really what we make of it. It’s simple, it hurts but it rewards. I think playing by rules, caution and fear is totally a way to go, taken by many and possibly a path to success but then again isn’t ‘success’ one of the most intangible and subjective notions in itself?

When I think about my last two years away from home, there have been far way too many downs interspersed by the ups which made every down worth it. For me growing up is about a road you dig yourself , pave and open to traffic: All by yourself ( Confession: I googled the stages of building a road). You are the constructor and the pedestrian. What makes you being the omnipresent force in this process vital is that growing up doesn’t let you delegate responsibilities or decisions. It is about what you choose and what you make of it.

Too often, this being a personal opinion, I feel we tend to romanticize growing up and try to get it right each time. The right course, the right internship, the right recommendation? This could go on to the right guy/girl, the right.. the problem here really is not the noun that keeps changing but our fear of experiments, disappointment and disapproval. We tend to imagine growing up to be like a checklist of sorts but what we forget is how can we all be subject to the same boxes of ticks of crosses.

I get ticked off by people who go on giving righteous sermons and don’t pay any heed to ‘it’s easier said than done’ so I think this a good interjection for a personal insight. Being an avid student of International Relations I always felt that I could excel with words and not numbers and thus I kept myself safe and distant from things that were disguised by names of food but were evil never ending decimal places (π). But then I came to Istanbul to experience a face to face with my fear in the face of an internship where I realized it is great to not be in your comfort zone. It is great to know that the certain things in life you had written off as not your ‘area of interest’ or ‘strengths’ can change faces and forms. I am by no means saying that I am a mathematician in the making, but now I do know that just like people, your fears change faces and we should at least be open minded to the two-faced nature of our fears if not people.

To sum it up, for me growing up is really about now looking forward to how many faces and shapes my fears can change and how our interaction will be. It will be great if any of you would want to respond to this excerpt by your personal opinions, anecdotes or views.


-Alizeh Atif

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