Choosing the change in your life

With the new year having dawned upon us, there came not just a series of sales and selfies but (I would like to think so) a genuine internally personal moment for all of us. For some of us, it might be those couple of seconds where we spared a few seconds to look back at the last year. 365 days are indeed a long time but if we calculate the last year in terms of experiences, 365 might just be an undervaluation. We all made our ways through 2014 in our own unique and memorable ways, we had the best of the times and we had those whose memory still stir discomfort within us.

With each year passing, I feel there to be a constant flux around me. This usually causes the onset of anxiety, uncertainty or just a sinking hollow feeling within me where  I am not so sure of who I am, where I want to be. Everyone has their defense mechanism for such an onset and whereas some choose to keep this shade of life hidden, I find comfort in sharing it with others; thus the post.

In most matters we focus on achievement, success but tend to blur out the process that leads to such outcomes. That might not entirely be our fault as we have grown up in a system where a few seconds are the expected response rate is whether it be from a message delivered or a ‘search’ button pressed. But at points like this, we can learn how to take a couple of steps back and separate ourselves from all the hustle bustle around us. At points like this the concept of time, however cryptic it may seem to many, holds some of the most basic answers for all.

We might have been able to manipulate time in a sense where the life around us is faster in all senses, but time indeed remains to be that all encompassing medium in which we inhabit ourselves in. With new inventions, discoveries and system updates coming by the second, the simpler things in life are often unnoticed. For me, time is one of them. Our modes of communication have been transformed and within a few seconds we can catch up with someone a few time zones and continents apart but are unable to take half an hour to have coffee with someone, leave our phones aside and intently and wholly communicate.

If there was something 2014 taught me it was that I personally need to choose the change in my life. Time will always be on the run, errands will always be plenty and to do lists ever unending, but focusing on the simpler things in life is what I want to change about myself. The first step towards this will be learning how to put aside my phone on the side when around people so I can re learn how to make the most of my environment and pay them the least bit of respect. I am sure it will be a hard one for starters and will require a conscious trial and error but small things can go a long way and besides, the starts need to be taken somewhere!



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