Awards and Scholarship



Grant for Conference Participation (20th National Management and Organization Conference)

Grant for Conference Participation (IACCP Regional Conference)

Sabancı Uni.

Doğuş Uni.

2010 – 2015 PhD Scholarship for Doctorate Student TUBITAK
2008 PhD Scholarship for Research Assistantship TUBITAK
2007-2009 Scholar from Board of Trustees Doğuş Uni.
2006 Grant for Conference Participation(IACCP 2006) Boğaziçi Uni.
2002-2007 Honor award and scholarship(For the Success in  Uni. Entrance Exam) Boğaziçi Uni.
2002 Academic Success Award(For the Third highest GPA) Istek Vakfı
1996-2002 Full Scholarship Istek Vakfı