I have graduated with a B.A. from the School of International Relations (SIR) at the University of Southern California, the second oldest school of International Affairs in the United States and the third oldest in the world. I continued my studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna with the aim of closely analyzing the policy implementation processes of both formal and informal institutions. During my education at the Academy, my research interest became more specific and encompassed the systematic analyses of institutions, global governance arrangements, security studies and methodology. Furthering my interests, I decided to study in my home country in one of its most prestigious institutions, Sabanci University, with the intent of developing an academic foundation at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Personally, I am an incredibly curious being in issues not only pertaining political science and international relations but ranging from aviation and architecture to equine sports and sailing. However, my biggest passion in life is academia and all that it brings. In this light,  I am extremely happy to be at Sabanci.