Computational Mechanics & Engineering Optimization (CMEO) Research Group currently focuses on the development of experimentally validated novel computational (mesh-based or meshless) modelling, analysis, and optimization methods by using state-of-the-art continuum theories. Ultimately, we apply these new methods to a wide range of engineering fields (mechanical, aerospace, marine, civil, automobile, and manufacturing engineering) and perform hands-on experiments in our labs.


As of CMEO group, we are young, keen, and self-motivated to develop and discuss innovative ideas in the fields of computational and experimental mechanics. Adopting the motto, “The innovation comes after you meet new people, share your ideas, and gather new ideas.”, we are genuinely open to collaborations in worldwide. We are located at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science, Sabanci University and affiliated with the Integrated Manufacturing Research and Application Center (SU-IMC), recognized as one of the largest Composite Center of Excellence in the world. 



Particle Methods, Peridynamics, Peridynamic Differential Operator, Inverse Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Isogeometric Analysis, Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM), Inverse Finite Element Method (iFEM), Refined Zigzag Theory, Structural Health Monitoring, Shape sensing, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Progressive Damage Analysis, Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Experimental mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Marine Structures, Aerospace Structures, Beam, plate and shell theories, Multi-scale Modelling of Materials, Energy Storage, Energy Harvesting, Additive manufacturing, Large-scale design and analysis; Structural topology optimization, among others.