Research at SU


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Papers in Conference Proceedings

Alkan, Ahmet and Yildiz, Kemal, ” Equitable stable matchings under modular assessment “, 24th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, EC 2023, Association for Computing Machinery, July 2023
Alkan, Ahmet and Gale, David, “Stable schedule matching under revealed preference“, Petrosyan, L. A. and Yeung, D. W. K. (eds.), ICM Satellite Conference on Game Theory and Applications, Germany: Springer, November 2003, 3-19

Volumes Edited / Special Issues

Alkan, Ahmet and Moulin, Herve, Mathematical theories of allocation of discrete resources : equilibria, matchings, mechanisms, Amsterdam: Elsevier, October 2003
Alkan, Ahmet and Perez, David and Wooders, John, Matching : theory and applications a special issue dedicated to Marilda Sotomayor, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (forthcoming)

Working Paper / Technical Report

Alkan, Ahmet and Tuncay, Alparslan, “Pairing games and markets”, August 2013
Alkan, Ahmet and Çarkoğlu, Ali and Filiztekin, Alpay and İnceoğlu, Fırat, “Türkiye ortaöğretim sektöründe katma değer oluşumu: üniversiteye giriş yarışı”, May 2008, Sabancı University ID:SU_FASS_2008/0011