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Sabanci University
Nanotechnology Research and Application Center
(SUNUM) Orhanli, 34956 Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey
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Tel:  +90 216-483-2441
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News: Our article in Diamond & Related Materials has been recognized TOP cited in 2011


Research Interest

* Probing size-dependent toxicity of nanomaterials by electrical properties.

* Detection and behavior of bacterial cells under electrical environment.
* Probing the cellular stress using bacterial lab on a chip platform.
* Detection of cardiac/cancer diseases biomarkers by electrochemical biosensors for diseases diagnostic application.

* Modification of polymer nanocomposites and nanomaterials by irradiation.

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Brief CV

Ph.D. in Physics (Dec. 2008)  M. S. University of Boroda, Vadodara, India.

M. Sc. in Physics (2001)  Vikram University, India.

B. Sc. (1999)  Vikram University, India.


Recently published articles (Complete list of 2007-2015click here)


45. Chouhan RS, Niazi JH*, Qureshi A* (2014) Chemical toxicity detection using quantum dot encoded E. coli cellsSensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 196, 381-387.

46. Chouhan RS, Qureshi A*, Niazi JH* (2014) Quantum dot conjugated S. cerevisiae as smart nanotoxicity indicators for screening toxicity of nanomaterialsJournal of Materials Chemistry B, 2, 3618-3625.

47. Chouhan, RS, Niazi JH*, and Qureshi A* (2014) Quantum dots conjugated E. coli living cells as fluorescent reporters to detect cytotoxicity of chemicals. Progress in Exergy, Energy, and the Environment. Springer International Publishing,  471-475.



48. Anjum Qureshi,* Ashish Pandey, Raghuraj S. Chouhan, Yasar Gurbuz, and Javed H. Niazi* (2015Whole-cell based label-free capacitive biosensor for rapid nanosize-dependent toxicity detectionBiosensors and Bioelectronics, 67, 100-106.

49. Javed H. Niazi*, Sandeep Kumar Verma, Sarfaraj Niazi and Anjum Qureshi (2015In vitro HER2 protein-induced affinity dissociation of carbon nanotube-wrapped anti-HER2 aptamers for HER2 protein detectionAnalyst, 140, 243-240.

50. Anjum Qureshi*, Gurbuz Y and Javed H. Niazi* (2015Capacitive aptamer-antibody based sandwich assay for the detection of VEGF cancer biomarker in serumSensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 209, 645-651.

51. Raghuraj S. Chouhan, Anjum Qureshi and Javed H. Niazi (2015Determining the fate of fluorescent quantum dots on surface of engineered budding S. cerevisiae cell molecular landscapeBiosensors and Bioelectronics 69, 26-33.

52.  Pandey A, Chouhan RS, Gurbuz Y, Niazi JH* and Qureshi A* (2015S. cerevisiae whole-cell based capacitive biochip for the detection of toxicity of different forms of carbon nanotubesSensors and Actuators B. Chemical, 218, 253-260.

53. Qureshi A*, Gurbuz Y and Niazi JH* (2015) Label-free capacitance based aptasensor platform for the detection of HER2/ErbB2 cancer biomarker in serum. Sensors and Actuators B. Chemical (Just Accepted!)


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