Ahmet Öncü is professor of sociology in the School of Management.

Professor Öncü’s scholarship is grounded in theories and methods found in the fields of social theory, historical sociology and political economy with application to topics and issues pertaining to the Turkish social formation. His research primarily falls into three themes and related broad research questions:  grounding Turkish modernity and capitalism on social theory; political economy of class dynamics and their implications for social and cultural change; and social, political and moral foundations of democracy and citizenship.

Professor Öncü’s articles appeared in Journal of Historical Sociology, Review of Radical Political Economics, Science and Society, Citizenship Studies, International Review of Sociology, Sociology of Islam, New Perspectives on Turkey, Research and Policy on Turkey, Cultural Logic, THE NET Journal of Political Science, Felsefelogos, Usatölyesi, Norwegian Journal of Migration Research, Toplum ve Bilim,  METU Studies in Development and Mülkiye.

Most recently Professor Öncü contributed to Sidney Plotkin’s The Anthem Companion to Thorstein Veblen a chapter with the title “On the Social Origin of Turkish Leisure Class: For a Veblenian Turn in the Marxian Research Program of Turkish Studies” and co-edited with Michael Hudson Absentee Ownership and its Discontents: Critical Essays on the Legacy of Thorstein Veblen, published in 2016 by ISLET in New York.

He edited Thorstein Veblen Kullanım Kılavuzu (A Guide to Thorstein Veblen), published in 2015 by Habitus in Istanbul. This volume is the first-ever collection of essays in Turkish focusing solely on Veblen’s theoretical legacy.

He also co-edited Neoliberal Landscape and the Rise of Islamist Capital in Turkey with Neşecan Balkan and Erol Balkan, first published in 2014 in Turkish by Yordam Books in Istanbul. This volume is also published in English by Berghahn Books in New York and Cambridge, the first edition in 2015 and the second paperback edition in 2017.