Ata Golparvar

Born on September 1st, 1994, I grew up in the beautiful land of fire, the city of Tabriz. I am ethnically Azerbaijani with another nationality. I earned my bachelors after graduating from the University of Azad, Tabriz in Electrical Electronics. I’m building circuits from my junior high and mastered my design skills through building, testing, and debugging. I worked for a couple of years as a system level engineer where I designed electronic control boards and embedded systems for home appliances before my graduate studies. Currently, I research wearable electronics and their applications, fabricate textile electrodes, build cost-effective system for point-of-care medical devices, and teach electronics. When I’m not doing those I follow MOOC courses, watch random youtube videos, play badminton, occasionally dive in the mediterranean sea, and travel (#anywherewilldo) when I can.