Ata Golparvar

Born on September 1st, 1994, I grew up in the beautiful land of fire, the city of Tabriz. I am ethnically Azerbaijani with another nationality. An electronic engineer passionate about circuit design, embedded systems, wearable computing, as well as design, fabrication, and system-level integration of MEMS, and everything in-between. I have been building circuits from my junior high and mastered my design skills through the building, testing, and debugging electronics. Acquired a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering–Electronics from Azad University of Tabriz, Iran. Currently an M.Sc. student, graduate teaching assistant, and member of the SU-MEMS lab of Sabanci University. Prior to that, spent almost two years working as an embedded system developer in a company dedicated to designing electronic control boards for household appliances where my responsibly mainly include software development for varies embedded systems and design of electronic circuits and multilayer PCBs. I am a dedicated and effective group member who is capable of meeting with deadlines, love research, and always eager to learn more. Besides all this, I am a professional scuba diver and dive occasionally in the Mediterranean, I always follow an online course, enjoy watching random youtube videos, play badminton, and travel (#anywherewilldo) when I can.

ATM looking for a Ph.D. position where I can bring knowledge from integrating my interdisciplinary engineering skills to solve real-world problems and produce science.

Heavily influenced by Bob Widlar, Jim Williams, Bruce Land, and David Jones.