I obtained my master’s degree in Erman Lab at the Department of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering at Sabancı University and Sütlü lab at Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM). During my education I completed project titled “A novel approach in cancer immunotherapy: natural killer cells expressing T cell receptor“. During this project I have worked in the Karolinska Institute and Nova Southeastern University (USA). These interactions helped me to develop essential communication skills to create a collaborative working environment with people who have different medical backgrounds. This project is now in the process of patenting and publishing. After receiving my M.Sc. degree in January 2017 and I started to my Ph.D. studies in Sütlü group. I am now conducting genetic modification studies to obtain specific natural killer cells for tumor-associated antigens.  I gained extensive theoretical and technical experience in immunology and genetic engineering. More importantly, I have learnt how to set up experiments and troubleshoot problems in order to answer scientific questions. Throughout my scientific education, I have attended a great deal of international and national congresses where I presented my work to other academics and I was awarded for my presentations. On the other hand, I established a startup company in the field of biotechnology under the TEYDEP 1512 Program of TUBITAK’s young entrepreneur support, and I do research and development of many biotechnological products in public health field.

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