Date: 1987
Institution: The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, USA.
Degree: Ph.D.   Social Systems Sciences Department: Strategy and Organization Development


Date: 1978
Institution: University of Lancaster, U.K.
Degree: Post-Graduate, Operational Research


Date: 1977
Institution: University of Sussex, U.K.
Degree: B.Sc. (Honors) – Applied Sciences with Operational Research


Date: 1974
Institution: Taunton School, U.K.
Degree: “A” Levels (High School)


Academic Experience Record:

Date: 1998-present
Location: Turkey
Company: Sabancı University
Position: Professor, ARAMA Chair in Action Research
Description: Practice Development and Practice Sharing Courses


Date: 1991-1998
Location: Turkey
Company: Bilkent University
Position: Associate Professor
Description: Business Policy and Strategy, Change Management, Organization Design and Development, Organizational Behavior and Organization Theory courses.


Date: 1994-1999
Location: Norway
Company: Work Research Institute
Position: Senior Research Fellow
Description: Organization Development Advising on Projects and Staff Training


Date: Dec.1991-Feb.1992
Location: France
Company: INSEAD
Position: Visiting Professor
Description: Change Management Course


Date: 1986-1991
Location: USA
Company: Clarkson University
Position: Assistant Professor
Description: Business Policy and Strategy Course


Date: 1982-1986
Location: USA
Company: West Chester University
Position: Assistant Professor
Description: Business Policy and Strategy, Change Management, Organization Planning and Development courses



1- Babüroğlu received the AACSB (American Accreditation Committee of School of Business)’s  EXXON Award on the Innovation of Management Education in 1989 for the project ‘’Jealous  Twins: The Traditional Mohawk Culture and Business Culture’’ with Jan Wojcik. Awards

2- Among his other awards are the NATO Doctorate Scholarship by TÜBİTAK (The Technical and  Scientific Research Council of Turkey) (1978-1982),  

3- The Best Paper Award given by the Society for General Systems Research, 1999 4- Goodland (England) Public Speaking Award (1974) at the Taunton School 

5- OPOS (Office for Placing School Boys and Girls into Public Schools in the UK) scholarship for  the last two years (A Levels) prior to undergraduate study in the boarding school in England (1972- 1974).

European Grant Baburoglu Oguz N. and Yildiz Arikan “Practice Based Learning: Company Action Projects”  Euronet -PBL: Education, Practice & Research Promoting Practice-Based Learning in the Higher  Education provisions for Business Administration, Engineering and Vocational Teacher Education.  Project Number: 142236-LLP-1-2008-1-DE-ERASMUS-ECUE, Grant Agreement: 2008 – 3211/ 001 – 001 

Google Grant to support Research on ‘’The Future of Work and Technology’’ in collaboration  with Google Turkey, İşkur-Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education. 2018 Amount 110 000  USD. 

Ministry of Development Grants 

  • A Socio-Technical Design of a New Generation University by ARAMA Consulting to design  Abdullah Gül University, 2015-2017 
  • Analyzing the Need for and Developing the Strategic Management Capacity in the Public  Sector, by EDU, Sabancı University 2009-2010 



Advisory Editorial Board member since the foundation of the Journal: Action Research Journal, SAGE

Editorial Committee Member: International Journal of Action Research, Rainer Hampp Verlag and The International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training (IJRVET), Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Social Technical Systems Subject Associate Editor, Wiley 

Membership of Professional Organizations: Academy of Management, Strategic Management  Society, European Group on Organization Studies, European Action Research Network, International  Society for Systems Sciences. 

Civil Society Organizations: Former Board member of TESEV (Turkish Economic and Social Studies  Foundation), TEGV (Turkish Education Development Foundation) Founding Member 

Academic Board Member of a University (CURRENT): Yaşar University Board of Trustees 

Membership of Professional Organizations: Academy of Management, Strategic Management  Society, European Group on Organization Studies, European Action Research Network, International  Society for Systems Sciences. 

Civil Society Organizations: Founding Member of TESEV (Turkish Economic and Social Studies  Foundation), and TEGV (Turkish Education Development Foundation)  

Commercial Board Member (Former): Karsan (Automotive), Eti (Chocolate and Biscuits), TeknoSA (Consumer Electronics), CarrefourSA (Food Retail), Yaşar Holding (Diary and Paint) 

Professional Association Memberships: Academy of Management Membership since 1985, Strategic  Management Society Membership since 2000, International Society for General Systems Research,  EGOS European Group for Organizational Studies, SCOS Standing Conference for Organizational  Symbolism 



Selsky J, & Baburoğlu O. 2023 ‘’Revisiting Socio Technical Systems Thinking’’ Systems  Thinking Handbook, Routledge (Invited Chapter) G Midley et al. (in Process) 

Baburoglu Oguz N. & John W. Selsky 2021 “Reconfiguring Sociotechnical Systems Design: Digitally Infused Work Systems and the Platform-STS” Research in Organizational Change and Development. Emerald Insight

Baburoglu Oguz N & Zeynep G Goker 2014, 1-18 ”Going Large Scale:The Polling Conference Process  for Participatory Constitution Making in Turkey” Action Research Journal” Sage 

Selsky John • Rafael Ramirez • & Oguz N. Baburoglu, 2013, 26:377–395 “Collaborative Capability  Design: Redundancy of Potentialities” Systems Practice and Action Research, Springer 

Selsky, John W. and Goes, Jim and Babüroğlu, Oğuz N., “Contrasting perspectives of strategy making:  applications in ‘Hyper’ environments”, Organization Studies, Vol.28, No.1, January 2007, 71-94  

Baburoglu Oguz N, Topkaya S, Ates O (1996) Post-search Follow-up: Assessing Search Conference  Based Interventions in Two Different Industries in Turkey, Concepts and Transformation (The Journal  was renamed as the International Journal of Action Research later) 1:1

Baburoglu, Oguz N. and Gocer Aylin (1994) “Whither Organizational Culture? Privatization of The  Oldest State-Owned Enterprise In Turkey” Organization & Environment Vol. 8 no. 1 41-54 

Baburoglu Oguz N, (1994) “Tracking the Emery-Trist Systems Paradigm”, Systems Practice and  Action Research Volume 1 / 1988 – Volume 24 / 2011 

Baburoglu Oguz N and Ravn Ib (1992) “Normative Action Research.” Organization Studies (13:1), pp.  19-34.  

Baburoglu O N (1988) “Vortical Environment The Fifth in the Emery Trist Levels of Organizational  Environment ” Human Relations also re-printed in the 3rd volume of Tavistock Anthology, (1997  Eds.: E.Trist,  

Baburoglu, O N ‘’Is the end of free fall, free fall?: Emergence of Vortical environments’ ’Proceedings  of the Society for General System, Philadelphia1986 Best Paper award 

Ger M, Baburoglu O N, et al. (1996) “The AHP as a Methodology for Decisions in Public Policy: An  Industrial Strategy Proposal for Turkey, 1995 – 2005” Proceedings of National Industrial Policy Summit 

Baburoglu O N (1996) Convergence and Fragmentation Dilemma in Metaphorical Analysis of  Organizations, Proceedings SCOS meeting  

Baburoglu Oguz N and Emery Merrelyn (eds) (2000), Educational Futures: Shifting  Paradigm of Universities and Education, Sabanci University Press, Istanbul This is also available in  Turkish with a foreword from Tosun Terzioğlu ‘’Eğitimde Gelecek’’ Sabancı University Press 

‘’Ombudsman (Kamu Hakemi) Kurumu İncelemesi: Devlette Bir Toplam Kalite  Mekanizması Örneği’’ A Study of Ombudsman Institution: An Example of Total Quality Mechanism  in the State’’ TUSİAD Yayını 1997 

Waddel Steve & Baburoglu Oguz N 2017, ‘’Transformation Action Research at Large  Scale: Global University for the Future as a Global Action Network’’ Cooking with Action Research:  Stories and Resources for Self and Community Transformation, Hilary Bradbury and Associates,  AR+ Publications 

Baburoglu Oguz N & Zeynep G Goker and Emre Koyuncu, 2015 “Symbiosis of Action  Research and Deliberative Democracy in the Context of Participatory Constitution-Making” Handbook  in Action Research, Hilary Bradbury Ed. 3rd Volume Sage  

Baburoglu Oguz N and Emery Merrelyn. (2000), ‘’The Genesis of Sabancı University:  The Design Process of a Greenfield Site University’’ Educational Futures: Shifting Paradigm of  Universities and Education Baburoglu O N and Emery M (eds), Sabanci University Press, Istanbul

Baburoglu Oguz N and Emery Merrelyn (2000), ‘’Education Systems and Universities as  seen by Fred Emery’’ Educational Futures: Shifting Paradigm of Universities and Education Baburoglu O N and Emery M (eds), Sabanci University Press, Istanbul 

Baburoglu Oguz N (1996) “Searching for a program in National Participation” in Beyond  Theory: Changing Organizations through Participation, S. Toulmin and B. Gustavsen (Eds.), pp.  119-135, John Benjamins Publishing Company 

Baburoglu Oguz N and Garr M A (1993) “Search Conference Methodology for  Practitioners” in Weisbord M R, Discovering Common Ground, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San  Francisco, p.73-82  

Baburoglu O N (1991) “Surrendering to the Environment in Educational Systems Design”  in Comprehensive Systems Design: A New Educational Technology ed. by C. M. Reigeluth, B.H.  Banathy, J.R. Olson, Nato ASI Series, Springer Verlag 1991  

Baburoglu Oguz. N. (1991). Is the end of free fall, free fall? Surrendering as the focus of  adaptation in vortical environments. In Geyer, F. (ed.). The Cybernetics of Complex Systems—Self Organization, Evolution, and Social Change. Intersystems Publications, Seaside, California. 

Baburoglu Oguz N. (1982) ‘’Towards A Theory of Stalemated Social Systems: The Turkish  Case’’ in Dependence and Inequality: A Systems Approach to the Problems of Mexico and other  Developing Countries, ed. By R. Felix G, and J. van der Zouwen 


Baburoglu Oguz N., Tunç Evcimen, Burak Arıkan, Nevra Seggie, İsmet Somuncuoğlu “A Socio  Technical Design of a New Generation University’’ for Ministry of Development. 2017 

Baburoglu Oguz N, and Tunc Evcimen (2011) “A model for developing the strategic management  capacity in governmental institutions” for the State Planning Organizations, Ankara Turkey 

Baburoglu, Oguz N., Gokoglu, I. & Altinkurt, A. (2008). Kocaeli Industrial Turnaround Project Report:  Kocaeli Gulf Area Mobility and Innovation, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Publication No:  2008.ARS.04 

Baburoglu, Oguz.N., Evcimen, T.T. & Ustertuna, Z. (2008). New Competitive Strategy for Garments,  The General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Associations 

Baburoglu, Oguz N. Construction Industry 2023 Vision, Published by the Union of Turkish Contractors  2011.

Recent Presentations in International Conferences:

Academy of Management Meetings in 2007-2021

24th Egos Colloquium in Amsterdam, 2008

Academy of Management Meeting in 2008

Academy of Management Meeting in 2009

25th Egos Colloquium in Barcelona, 2009

26th Egos Colloquium in Lisbon, 2010

Academy of Management Meeting in 2010



Educational System Projects 

Public Educational 

  • Ataturk University New Generation Uni Design 2018-2019 
  • Abdullah Gül University Greenfield Design 2013-2017 
  • Anadolu University: “TRT Okul” TV Channel Design 2010 
  • Anadolu University: Design of Future Positioning 2010 
  • İstanbul University Reorganization of Medical Faculties – 2009 

Private Educational  

  • Sabancı University: Re-visioning of the next 10 years 2006 
  • TED Turkish Education Association Eco-System (40 K12 Schools, one University and  many NGOs in the eco system) Re-Design, Strategic Plan and Restructuring 2017 Yaşar University: Strategic Plan – 2010 
  • Sabancı University: Revisoning of the next 10 years 2006 
  • Özyeğin University : Greenfield Design from Ground Up – 2006-2007 
  • Sabancı University : MBA Company Action Project Design and Implementation, 1998-  Present 
  • Sabancı University: Executive Development Unit Design and Supervision– 2001-2019 Sabancı University Greenfield Design from Ground Up 1995-1997 
  • FMV Feyziye Mektepleri Foundation-Işık K12 Schools’ Future Design – 2010 Robert College: Decoding Achievement DNA Project – 2009 
  • Darrüşafaka Eğitim Kurumları Future Design – 2007 and 2009 
  • TEVİTÖL: The Design for Attracting Gifted and Talented Students – 2008 Istanbul Technical University: Idealized Redesign of the Primary School by the Students – 2007 
  • TED Istanbul College: Future Design– 1999 

Government, Foundations and Associations 

  • State Planning Organization/Ministry of Development, A design for increasing the strategic  management capacity for governmental institutions 2009-2010 
  • AÇEV: Internationalization of 0-7 age group programs – 2009 
  • TUSİAD: Vocational Education and Institutions Project – 2002 
  • Vehbi Koç Foundations: Designing the Future – 1998 

International Educational Projects 

  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU): EDWOR Enterprise  Development Doctoral Program Design and Implementation Norway, 2001-2005 University of Pennsylvania: ʻSay Yes To Educationʼ Program Redesign – 1999 Clarkson University: ARETE Interdisciplinary Program design to unite Business and Liberal  Studies – 1989 

Consulting Projects 

Long Term Projects : Abdullah Gül University-Ground Up Design and Implementation, AÇEV Internationalization of an NGO, Akbank Junior Think Tank Innovation Club, Alarko Holding-Strategy,  Anadolu Industry Holding,Strategy, Anadolu University-Strategic Plan, Atatürk University-New  Generation Transformation, Beymen-Horizontal Institutionalization, Bıçakçılar Medical Devices Restructuring, BMC-Strategy, Bozlu Holding-Strategy, CEFIC Turkey-Organziation Development,  Consortium for Promoting Turkey as a Brand , Coşkunöz Holding-Participative Strategy and  restructuring, DataSel-Turnaround, Doğan Holding-Strategy, Eczacıbaşı Holding-Strategy and 

Restructuring, ERDEMİR-Strategy, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality-Redesigning the Future, ETİ  Group-Strategy and Restructuring, FIAT Auto Italy-Turnaround, Ford Turkey Cultural Transformation  Project, Fortis Bank-Cultural Transformation, Galatasaray Sports Club-Future Redsign, Güven  Hospitals-Restructuring, HSBC Bank-Organization Development, Hürriyet Daily Newspaper 

Repositioning, İnci Holding-Strategy, International Advertising Association (IAA), International  Tourism Investment, Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (İTKİB)-Strategy, Kadiköy  Municipality-Participative Municipality, Kale Industry Holding-Scenarios, Karsan Automotive Turnaround, Kibar Holding-Strategy, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO)-Redesinging the Future ,  Maltepe Municipality-strategy, Mavi Jeans-Marketing Staretgy, Mesa-Shareholder Constitution,  Milliyet Daily Newspaper-Repositioning, Özyeğin University-Ground up Design, Pharmaceutical  Manufacturers Association of Turkey (İEİS)-Self Regulation, Pınar-Self Managing Teams, POAŞ Participative Transformation, Republic of Turkey Central Bank- Strategy, Ministry of Finance-Strategic  Plan, Robert College-150th Year Offering, Rockefeller Foundation A.B.D.-Horizontal Communication,  Sabancı Holding-Strategy 2015, Sabancı University-Strat Plan and Ground Up Design, Simko  (Siemens) Industrial Electronics-Self Managing Teams, SKF Türk-Org Development, STGM – Zarakol Communications-Rural Govn Futures , TED-Turnaround, Tofaş Fiat-Self Organization, Total-Cultural  Transformation, Tüpraş-Conflict Management, Türk Henkel-Zero Hierarchy Project , Türk Kablo  (Nokia)-Self Managing Organization, Turkish Airlines Cultural Transformation Project, Turkish  Contractors Association (TMB)-Repositioning, Turkish Red Crescent-Strat Plan, Vatan Daily  Newspaper-Repositioning, Vehbi Koç Foundation-Strat Plan , Yalova Elyaf-Turnaround, Yaşar  Holding-Participative Future Design, Yaşar University-Strat Plan 

Holding / Groups : Abalıoğlu Holding, Akkök Group, Alarko Holding, Altınyıldız Group, Anadolu  Industry Holding, Arkas Holding, Ata Holding, Aydınlı Group, Bozlu Holding, Çimentaş, Coşkunöz  Holding, Doğan Holding, Doğanlar Investment Holding, Doğuş Group, Eczacıbaşı Group, Esas  Holding, İnci Holding, Kale Industry Holding, Kibar Holding, Koç Holding, Oyak , Sabancı Holding,  TAV Holding, Tekfen Holding, Teknoloji Holding, Tükek Holding, Yaşar Holding, Zorlu Holding  

Defense Industries :Roketsan Defense Industries, SSM, SSI, SASAD, TOBB  

Banking and Commerce: Ak Retirement, Akbank, Aksigorta, Aktif Bank, Association of Insurance and  Reinsurance Companies of Turkey, Ata Investment, Avivasa, Banking Regulation and Supervision  Agency (BDDK), Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey,  Citibank,Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD), Dışbank , Eczacıbaşı Securities,  Export Credit Bank of Turkey, Fortis Bank, Garanti Bank , Garanti Insurance, Halkbank , HSBC Bank,  Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TKSB), İş Investment, Merkez Insurance, Ministry of Finance  of Republic of Turkey, Odeabank, Oyakbank, Şekerbank , TDS Insurance , TEB-BNP, The Banks  Association of Turkey, TMSF, Turkish Foreign Trade and Customs, Turkish Leasing Association  (FİDER), Yapı Kredi Bank , Ziraat Bank  

Automotive Industry and Auto Supply Industries : Arkas Holding Automotive Group, Askaynak, Assan  Aluminium , Assan Hanil, Authorized Automotive Dealers Association (OYDER), Birmot , BMC,  BRİSA, Coşkunöz Holding, Doğuş Automotive Group, Dyosad, Elf Selyak , Fiat Auto, İtaly , Ford  Otosan, İnci Holding, Karsan Automotive, Otoyol, Sabancı Holding – Tire Reinforcement Group,  Temsa, Tofaş Fiat , TOTAL, TÜVTURK, Under Secretariat of Foreign Trade Uludağ Exporter’s  Association, VDF, YPG 

Heavy Industry: Assan Aluminum, Çimentaş, Çimsa, ERDEMİR, İGSAŞ, ROKETSAN Defense  Industries, TATMETAL, TOSÇELİK 

Energy: Akkök Group, AKENERJI, Alarko Energy, Anadolu Holding, Calik Energy, CLK Energy,  Doğan Energy, Enerjisa, Enerjisa Retail, İnci Akü, İnci holding, OPET, POAŞ, TOTAL, TÜPRAŞ,  TÜSİAD 

Chemicals : Ak-Kim, Aksa Akrilik, DYO, Henkel, İGSAŞ, Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products  Exporters Association (İKMİB), The Association of Paint Industry (BOSAD), Toros Tarım Sanayi ve  Tic.A.Ş., TÜKEK Holding 

Textiles and Readywear:Altınyıldız Group, ARGANDE, Aydın Örme, Aydınlı Group, Benetton Boğaziçi,  Beymen, Bossa, Çarşı Stores, Collezzione, EGS Clothing Industry, English Home, Fashion Designers 

Association, GAP, Harmanlı Leather, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), İstanbul Shopping Fest,  Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB), Mavi Jeans, LCWaikiki, Sabancı Holding  Textile Group, Uptown, Yalova Elyaf, Yargıcı, Yünsa, Zorlu Textile Group  

Home Appliances and Furniture: Artema, Bosch Home Appliances, BSG Grünberg , BSH, Coşkunöz  Holding, Dasa, Franke, Gümüşsuyu, İntema, Koleksiyon Furniture, Kütahya Porselen, Lineadecor, Net Allders JVC, Profilo (BSP Distribution), Şenocak Klimasan , Vestel, Yataş 

Construction and Construction Materials: ABS Plaster, Assan Aluminium, Assan Panel, BOSAD, Central  Anatolian Exporters Union, Çimbeton, Çimentaş, Dasa, Dempa, DYO, Eczacıbaşı Industrial Raw  Materials, Fuzul Group, GAP Construction, HCT Trading, Kale Industry Holding, Mesa A.Ş. , Metaş ,  Oyak Construction, Özak Global Holding, Rönesans Construction, Sabancı Holding Cement Grup  (AKÇANSA), Ceramic Research Center, Soyak Construction, Tekfen, The Association of Real Estate  Investment Companies (GYODER), TOKİ, Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association – TÇMB,  Turkish Contractors Association (TMB), Turkish Precast Concrete Association, Vitra, Yenigün  Construction 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods:Anadolu Efes, Brand Protection Group, CCI, Danone – Nutricia ELN, Eti,  Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF), Frito Lay, Fruit Juice Producers  Association (MEYED), Istanbul Food & Beverage Group (İYİG), Johnson-Johnson, Kopaş, Köytür,  MÜMSAD, Nestlé, Pınar, SETBİR, Tuborg, Ülker, Viking Kağıt 

Retail: A101, ATU Duty Free, AYD, Beymen, BTA, Burger King, CarrefourSA, CEFIC Turkey,  Collezione, Council of Shopping Centers (AYD), English Home, Gratis, İstanbul Shopping Fest,  KlikSa, Koçtaş, LCWaikiki, Mavi Jeans, Metro Group, Migros Türk A.Ş, .Net-Allders JVC, Şok  Supermarkets, Tansaş, Teknosa, Tekzen, TIM E-Trade, Turkcell, Turkish Council of Shopping Centers  & Retailers (AMPD), Vestel, Yargıcı 

Food / Agriculture:Abalıoğlu, Anadolu Etap, Assan Gıda, AYNES, BTA, Burger King, Çamlı, Danone – Nutricia ELN, Doygun Bread, Eti, Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey, Frito  Lay, Fruit Juice Producers Association (MEYED), Gıdasa, HEXAFERM, İSPAK, Köytür, McDonald’s,  Ministry of Agriculture, National Milk Council,Nestlé, Pınar, SETBİR, Toros Agriculture, Tuborg,  Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation, Turkish Industry and Business Association, Ülker  

Health & Pharma: “Development of Transplantation” – Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals Marketing, “Future  Design for Private Health Sector” – Pfizer,“Rational Use of Medicines” – Ankara U., The Faculty of  Medicine, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, “The Future of Cosmetics Sector” – Cognis, “The  Future of Medicine Sector” – İEİS, “Turkish Health Sector Search Conference” – SADER, Abdi  İbrahim, Anadolu Health Center, ARTED, Bıçakçılar Medical Device, CompuMedical Group,  Eczacıbaşı Baxter, Eczacıbaşı İlaç, GILEAD, Güven Hospitals, Hedef Alliance, Herbalife, Istanbul  University – Medicine Faculties Izmir Development Agency (IZKA), Johnson-Johnson, Medline,  MEFAR,Merck Sharp & Dohme, Mesa Hospitals, Novartis, Pfizer , Pharmacy Planet, Roche, Sanofi  Aventis,TSRŞB and AHD Cooperation Search Conference – TSRŞB and AHD, Turkish Red Crescent 

IT Electronics: CompuMedical Group, DataSel, D-Smart, Ericsson, Festo, HP Turkey, I-Bimsa,  INNOVA, Koç System, Net-Allders JVC, NETAŞ (Northern Telecom),Oyak Teknoloji, Schneider  Electrics, Servus Computer, Siemens Business Services,Siemens Industrial Electronics,  Sony,TUBİSAD, Türk Kablo (Nokia), Türk Telekom, Türk Telekom International, Turkcell,  Vestel,Vestel Electronics  

Service/ Tourism: Adana Tourism, BİMTAŞ, Efes Tourism, GOOGLE, International Tourism  Investment, Ministry of Tourism, Omsan, Pegasus Airlines, Pension Monitoring Center (EGM),  PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rixos Hotels, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, TAV Operation Services, TAV  Securities, TOBB, Turkish Airlines (THY) , TÜVTurk, TYD, Universal-kart , Van Tourism, Vista,  Yüksel Karkın Küçük Law Firm 

Logistics – Transportation: Aras Kargo, BSEC-URTA, Common Ground Platform on Traffic – Sabancı  University, Milliyet Newspaper, Customs Search Conference” –Undersecretariat of Customs, Ekol  Logistics, İnci Logistics, Karınca Logistics, Maritime Search Conference” – Undersecretariat of  Maritime, OMSAN, The Future of Maritime Industry – The Chamber of Shipping, Turkish Airlines,  TÜVTURK, UND

Media: Domestic Violence” Search Conference – Hürriyet, BBDO, Common Ground Platform in  Traffic – Sabancı University and Milliyet, Doğan Egmont, Doğan Media, Doğuş Media, Foundation of  Advertising, Güzel Sanatlar Saatchi&Saatchi , Hürriyet Daily Newspaper, International Advertising  Association (IAA), Lowe-Adam, Milliyet Daily Newspaper, NTV, Radikal Daily Newspaper, Sabah  Daily Newspaper, Show Tv, Akşam Daily Newspaper & Platin, The Union of Chambers and  Commodity Exchanges of Turkey- TOBB (Communication and Media), Turkish Association of  Advertising Agencies, Vatan Daily Newspaper  

Education: Abdullah Gül University, AÇEV, Anadolu University, Atatürk University, Ayvansaray  University, Clarkson University, Darüşşafaka, DPT, ECERS, EDU, Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı (FMV),  İbn Haldun University, Istanbul University – Medicine Faculties, Kemerburgaz University, Mimar  Sinan University, Natuk Birkan Primary School, NTNU, OSTIM University, Özyeğin University,  PENN, Robert College, Sabanci Foundation , Sabancı University, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, SAM, Selçuk  University, Siirt University, TEGV, Teknopark İstanbul, TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School  (TEVİTOL), The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey- TOBB Education, TRT  School, Turkish Education Association (TED), Turkish Education Association İstanbul College  (TED),TÜSİAD 40, Vehbi Koç Foundation, Yaşar University, Yıldız Teknik University  

National Projects: “Common Ground Platform on Traffic” – Sabancı University and Milliyet ,  “Constitution Search Conference” TEPAV, “Cooperation Strategy in Packaging Industry” – İİB,  “Development of Transplantation” – Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals Marketing, “Development of Turkish  Industry Strategy”- The Ministry of Industry and TTGV, “Dialog 2000 Project “ – TESEV and Beyaz  Nokta Foundation, “Effective Customs Policies” – T.C. Undersecretariat Customs, “Future Design in  Tourism Sector”– TYD, “Liberalization of Energy Markets” – TÜSİAD, “Nano Technology Search  Conference” Rekabet Forumu, “National Consensus Project in the Turkish Industry “ – TÜSİAD,“Participate to Change” – Akşam, Show TV, Platin, Arama,“Protection of Brand Rights  Search Conference” – Zarakol İletişim Hizmetleri, Marka Koruma Grubu, “Rational Use of Medicines”  – Ankara U. Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, “Restructuring of Turkish  Agricultural Sector – The Ministry of Agriculture and TTGV, “Searching for a new vision and strategy  in Turkish Agriculture” – TÜSİAD , “The Future of Turkish Industry” – TÜSİAD, “Turkey Talks – Constitution Platform – TOBB – TEPAV, “Turkey’s Brand Project” – Turkey Public Relations  Associations , “Turkey’s Role in Global Competition” – Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade – TEPAV, “Turkish Capital Markets” – Equity Markets Committee, “Turkish Industry Strategy” – The  Ministry of Industry, “Turkish Maritime Vision” – Turkish Chamber of Shipping (DTO), “Turkish  Tourism Strategy” – The Ministry of Tourism – TOBB, Capital Markets of Board of Turkey, Freedom  of Association Campaign – Zarakol İletişim Hizmetleri – STGM, İZMİR EXPO 2020 – İZKA, ORBİS  Workshop – The Directorate of Forestry, System and Process Design of Socio-Technical University  Model in Turkey (AGU – The Ministry of development), The Future of Maritime Industry – The  Undersecretariat of Maritime, The Future of Milk Industry – National Milk Council, The Management  Plan of the Historical Peninsula Search Conference – BİMTAŞ, Turkish Patent Institute (TPE), Vision  2023 – Strategy Workshop – SETBİR, Wind Energy Platform Search Conference 

Regional Development Projects : Adana Tourism Search Conference, Antalya City Vision 2023 – ATSO,  Bakırköy Participative Turnaround Process – Bakırkoy Municipality, BEBKA Bilecik Commonground  Search Conference, Bodrum Future Design – Bodrum DTO, Bursa City Vision – Kalder Bursa, Erzincan  2023, Eskişehir Common Ground Process – Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, GEKA, İstanbul  Earthquake Oriented Urban Transformation Project – İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İSTKA ,İzmir  2020, İzmir Future Design Project – Foundation of Development of Aegean Economy (EGEV), İzmir  Chamber of Commerce, Kadıköy Participatory Strategic Planning Process, Kocaeli Vision, Industrial  Turnaround Project – Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO), Maltepe Participatory Strategic Planning  Process, Manisa Search Conference – TEPAV, MARKA, Ordu Search Conference, Herşey İletişim – TIM, Pamukkale Karahayıt Brand Vision – GEKA, Rize City Vision – Rize Foundation – DTO, The  Future of Van Tourism – The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TRAKYAKA, Turhal Chamber of  Commerce and Industry 

Public sector :“The Future of Maritime Industry” – T.C. Başbakanlık Denizcilik Müsteşarlığı, “Turkey’s  Role in Global Competition” Search Conference– Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade, “Turkey’s  search for an economic Future”– İzmir Chamber of Commerce – İZTO, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency – BDDK, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Central Bank of the Republic of  Turkey, Development Agencies, İSTKA, BEBKA, GEKA, TRAKYAKA, MARKA, Istanbul Project  Coordination Unit – İstanbul Governorship,Restructuring of Turkish Agricultural Sector – Turkish  Ministry of Agriculture, Saving Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), TESKOMB, Treasury Search  Conference” – T.C. Undersecretariat of Treasury, Turkish Banking Industry – BBDK, Turkish Capital  Market Search Conference – Equity Markets Committee , Turkish Industry Strategy – Turkish Ministry  of Industry and Trade – TOBB, Turkish Tourism Strategy Turkish Ministry of Tourism – TOBB,  Turkish Ministry of Finance, TOKİ,  

International Projects: CTP – Cyprus, EU – Civil Society Development Center, EU Association  Development Project, Fiat Auto – Italy, Franke, Georgia State Parliament – USA, Lightstone Foundation  – USA, Mohawk Nation of Indians – USA, Nuclear Freeze Movement – USA, Pennsylvania Prison  Society – USA, Pennsylvania State Parliament – USA, Planet Pharmacies – Dubai, Ramenka – Russia ,  Rockefeller Foundation – USA, Seneca Nation of Indians- USA, Telecom Italia- İtalya, Turk Telekom  International, UNDP Turkey, University of Pennsylvania – USA – “Say Yes to Education” Campaign,  Vermont State Parliament – USA, West Virginia – USA, Women in Crisis – USA, Work Research  Institute – Norway, Workplace Australia -Australia  

NGO: “Future Design of Arı Movement”, 1905 GSYİAD, 1907 Fenerbahçe Association, Aegean  Exporters’ Union (EİB), Aegean Young Businessmen’s Association (EGİAD), Alışveriş Merkezleri  Yatırımcıları Derneği (AYD), Association of Fashion Designers, Association of Insurance and  Reinsurance Companies of Turkey, Association of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists in Europe  (ATİAD), Beşiktaş Sports Club, Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği (ÇYDD),Central Anatolian  Exporters Union, Central Anatolian Exporters’ Union (OAİB) , Corporate Governance Association of  Turkey (TKYD), Darüşşafaka Cemiyeti, Endeavor, Ethical Values Foundation of Turkey (TEDMER),  EU – Civil Society Development Center, Fashion Designers Association (MTD), Federations of Food  Associations (GDF), Foreign Economical Relations Committee (DEİK), Foundation of Advertising  (RV), Foundation of Development of the Aegean Economy (EGEV), Fruit Juice Producers’ Association  (MEYED), Green Building Association (ÇEDBİK), Health Care Products Manufacturers and  Representatives Association (SADER), Historical Istanbul Project (Turkish Timber Association) ,  Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation, Informatics Industry Association (TUBISAD), International Investors  Association (YASED) , International Transporters’ Association (UND), Istanbul Arbitration Association  (İSTA), İstanbul Bar Lawyers, İstanbul Chemical and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association  (İKMİB), İstanbul Exporters’ Association (İİB) , KİD, Kocaeli Sports, LASİAD, OMUD, Sabancı  Foundation , Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV),TED İstanbul College , TEMA  Foundation, TGEV Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation, The Association for Supporting &  Educating Women Candidates (KA-DER), The General Secretariat of Istanbul Mineral &Metal  Exporter Associations (İMMİB), The General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile&Apparel Exporter  Associations (İTKİB) , The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) , TOG, Türk  Loydu Foundation, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TİM), Turkey Quality Association (KALDER) ,  Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies (RD), Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF), Turkish  Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB), Turkish Chamber of Shipping (DTO), Turkish Council  of Shopping Centers & Retailers (AMPD), Turkish Education Association (TED), Turkish Flour  Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF), Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSİAD)  ,Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association (TKYD) ,Turkish Leasing Association  (FİDER), Turkish Pharmacists’ Association ,Turkish Precast Concrete Association, Turkish Red  Crescent, Turkish Sailing Federation (TYF), Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) , Turkish  Union of Chamber and Commerce (TOBB) , Uludağ Exporters’ Association (UİB), Uludağ Taşıt  Araçları ve Yan Sanayi İhracatçı Birliği (UTAYSİB), UNDP Turkey, Unesco, Women Entrepreuners  Association of Turkey (KAGİDER)