My name, as you can see above, is Bora and I’m primarily a human being though not everyone among my circle of friends agrees with me on that. I’ve been academically successful until, well, puberty but I think I’m still alright although I sometimes have issues with doing something just because I’ve been told to. I’ve been to MEF in primary school where I got a very good basic education for 6 years, then I moved on to ENKA Schools where I learned, or re-learned, a good portion of my social skills, and finally I’ve been in Sabanci University for 8 in total for undergraduate and graduate studies. During this time I was a teaching assistant for CS201 and CS204 courses, which are Introduction to Computing and Advanced Programming. I graduated with a BSc from Computer Science and with that I’ve been given the authority to call myself a software engineer. I’ve mainly used C++ to develop software thus far. I have also worked with other programming and scripting languages mainly including C#, Java, Python, JavaScript and PHP. Some of my programming skills include in no particular order:

  • C++ multithreading and optimization
  • Networking with Sockets and Java
  • Game development with Unity
  • Low-Poly 3D modelling with Blender
  • Mobile app programming for Android
  • Full-Stack Development using:
    • PHP/Node.JS/ASP .NET
    • Angular/Vue.JS/Bootstrap/JQuery
    • MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB

Some of these were hobby projects while others were paid work, school projects or for academic research.


Aside from all the work stuff, I’m interested in sailing, I’ve been on stage, some larger and some smaller, multiple times an actor, gymnast, debater or dancer. I’m also very interested in video games because of either the challenge, the chance to experience a different world or just the fun with friends aspect they provide. That is why I’m not making my own game world on my own.