Professional Services

1993-present: Elected Member of the “International Plant Nutrition Council”

2009-2013: President of the International Plant Nutrition Council

2011-present: Review Editor, Frontiers in Plant Nutrition Published by Frontiers Journals

2005-present: Section Editor, Plant and Soil (Springer)

1998-2002: “Honorary Theme Editor”, Encyclopaedia of Life Support Systems published by UNESCO, the section edited: Impacts of Agriculture on Human Health and Nutrition

1995-2009: Advisory Board Member, J. Trace Elem. Medicine and Biology (Elsevier Science)

1996-2005: Turkish Committee Member of the EUREKA-EUROAGRI Umbrella Project

2002-2009: Editorial Board Member, European Journal of Agronomy (Elsevier)

2000-2009: Editor-in-Chief, Turkish J. Agriculture and Forestry, published by TUBITAK

2005 -2007: Member of the CIMMYT-Board of Trustees. CIMMYT: International Wheat and Maize Improvement Center based in Mexico

2015: member of the selection committee for the allocation of Georg Forster Research Awards and Fellowships at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

2016: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the “International Magnesium Institute”

2016: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the “World Iodine Association”

2017: Marschner Review Editor, Plant and Soil (Springer)