Associate Professor
Director of SUSOFT
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabanci University
Istanbul, 34956

Office: FENS G019
E-mail: cyilmaz [at] sabanciuniv.edu
Voice: +90 (216) 483 9532
Fax: +90 (216) 483 9550


My primary research area is software engineering. My broad research interest is on programmer productivity. I develop practical techniques and tools to help programmers create cheaper, faster, and more reliable software systems.

I consider myself to be an experimentalist. I realize my research ideas in incremental prototypes, conduct feasibility studies to evaluate the underlying assumptions and the basic hypotheses, and use the results of these studies to iteratively improve the ideas. Furthermore, I enjoy in-depth analysis of empirical results. I strongly believe that unexpected results often present opportunities for further and better research. One common theme in my research is that I base my solution approaches on mathematically sound objects which help me reason about the solutions.

Check the SUSOFT (Software Engineering Research Lab at Sabanci University) website for my current research interests.


Ph.D. Computer Science, December 2005
University of Maryland College Park, MD

B.S. Computer Engineering and Information Science, June 1997
Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey


Associate Professor, May 2018 – present
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabanci University
Istanbul, TURKEY

Post Doctoral Researcher, October 2005 – July 2008
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Hawthorne, NY, USA

Software Engineer, June 2001 – January 2002
Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications
Clarksville, MD, USA


CS 201 Introduction to Computing
CS 300 Data Structures
CS 308 Software Engineering
CS 439/539 Software Verification & Validation
CS 551 Graduate Seminar I
CS 552 Graduate Seminar II
CS 560 Automated Debugging
CS 680 Selected Topics in Computer Science I