The aim of the EMCC conferences has been and still is to bring together scientists from Eastern Mediterranean Areas and from USA to establish collaborative research links and to promote scientific discussions on various topics of specific interest in chemical engineering.

This was more and more achieved during the previous editions held in Haifa, Israel in 1999; Ankara, Turkey in 2001; Thessaloniki, Greece in 2003; Dead Sea, Israel again in 2006; and  Cetraro, Italy in 2008.

At the EMCC4 Italy, Bulgaria and Romania have been invited for the first time. The EMCC5 Conference emphasized the possibility of creating joint research projects on strategic problems of our society, where the contributions of chemical engineering might be quite significant. The FP7 of the European Union has been considered of particular relevance for reaching the objectives.

In EMCC6, invited speakers from the various countries involved will present and discuss the topics at the frontiers of our knowledge. Young resarchers and PhD students will be invited to participate  in the meeting and the discussions to present their ideas and research progress in posters.