Courses Taught at Sabanci University

PSY 371 Stress & Well-Being in Adulthood
PSY 322 Lifespan Psychological Science
PSY 305 Experimental Psychology
PSY 502 Data Analysis for Psychological Sciences I
PSY 503 Data Analysis for Psychological Sciences II

Courses Taught at Middle East Technical University

PSY 217: Statistics for Psychology II
PSY 393: Research Workshop
PSY 427: Human Bonding
PSY 456: Applied Social Psychology
PSY 500: Advanced Statistics for Psychology I
PSY 525: Lifespan Developmental Science
PSY 562: Psychology of Close Relationships
PSY 601 Proseminar in Psychology
PSY 604 Seminar Series in Psychology
PSY 621: Multilevel Modeling for Psychology
PSY 671-73: Directed Research

Courses Taught at Cornell University

HD3620 Human Bonding

Teaching Awards

Educator of the Year Award. Middle East Technical University. (2016).

Urie Bronfenbrenner Teaching Award. Cornell University Department of Human Development (2012).