Fevzi Çakmak  Cebeci

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


    Ph.D. in Polymer Science And Technology, 2006, ITU;
    B.Sc., and M.Sc. in Chemistry, ITU

Work Experience

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology 09/2007-09/2010
    Istanbul Technical University 01/1998-08/2007

Areas of Interest

  • Polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films, surface chemistry, nanocomposites, vertically aligned and functionalized carbon nanotubes, boron nitride nanotubes, silica nanoparticles, supercapacitors.


  • Materials Research Society (MRS),
  • American Chemical Society (ACS),
  • The Electrochemical Society (ECS)


  • H2020 Eşik üstü Ödülü: Multifunctional energy storage solution for electric aircraft – Sabanci University  2020
  • The effect of graphene layer number on the fabrication of graphene/carbon nanofiber bicomponent additives and the performance of PA6.6 based nanocomposites – Smart Nanomaterials 2018 Conference  2018