VENUE: Karaköy Minerva Palas, Istanbul
DATE & TIME: 9am to 5pm, Tuesday 8th November, 2016
THEME: The Crises Affecting Ed Tech: Addressing and Overcoming these Issues

Educational technology is playing an increasingly central role in language programs. Indeed, the consensus seems to suggest that technology actively engages learners and aids in successful learning. Nonetheless, Ed Tech is now faced with many issues which its very existence has brought into being. With such issues in mind, how can we effectively promote learning by integrating technology use in the curriculum of Preparatory Programs despite these issues?

This FOTECH event will attempt to clarify the practical ways of systematically overcoming technological issues in such a way that will allow technology to be exploited in a pedagogically effective way in our classes.


The forum will take an informal and hands-on approach to the practical “nitty-gritty” of Ed Tech work, aiming to complement the formal presentation of papers or workshops to be found at other professional gatherings such as conferences, seminars and workshops.

It is hoped that participants will come away from the Forum with concrete examples of how other institutions have responded to the challenges raised by the theme. This will involve whole-group discussion and smaller groups focusing on particular areas who will then present to the whole group. The topics for the smaller focus groups’ discussion will be decided from suggestions made by participants on the registration form.


  • In order to ensure efficient and focused discussion and an informal atmosphere, places are limited to ONE representative from each institution. We hope that you appreciate the necessity for this.
  • The representative should be a member of a team involved in the institution’s Ed Tech, or other teacher who is actively involved in Ed Tech development, rather than an administrator.
  • If interest exceeds capacity, places are allocated randomly from applications received by the closing date, maintaining a range of different types of university and geographical spread in order to ensure the widest variety of perspectives.
  • There is no fee. Certain refreshments are provided free of charge.
  • The language of the forum is English.
  • The deadline for registration will be announced soon.

For inquiries contact:

To register: Thank you for your interest; registration has now closed for the event.

Transport: the venue is conveniently located near many forms of public transportation.

Accommodation: Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation. For ease of transportation we recommend that you consider hotels close to the venue if required.

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