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February 2, 2011

2010 Workshop

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Silenced but Resilient: Language and Memory in Anatolia and Neighboring Regions

Sabancı University?in collaboration with Anadolu Kültür

May 27-29, 2010, Cezayir Meeting Hall, Galatasaray, İstanbul (Cezayir Lokantası üstü)

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We are pleased to announce our third workshop in memory of Hrant Dink. The theme of this year?s workshop is ?Silenced but Resilient: Language and memory in Anatolia and Neighboring Regions?

Turkish / English translation is available for the panels.

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May 27 Thursday
17.00-18:30 Opening Event: Reflections on Art, Language, and Memory Moderators: Osman Kavala (Anadolu Kültür), Banu Karaca (Sabancı University)
Silvina Der-Meguerditchian The Texture of Absence
Helin Anahit (Middlesex University) Fading Voices: A Project Based on Anatolian Polyglot Folk Tradition of Coffee Cup Readings
19.00 Opening Reception

May 28


9.30 ? 10.00 Coffee/Tea
10.00 ? 12.00 Belonging and Otherness in Literature Chair: Jale Parla (Bilgi University)

Discussant: Marc Nichanian (Sabancı University)

Arlene Voski Avakian (UMASS, Amherst) Baklava as Home: Exile and Arab Cooking in Diana Abu-Jaber?s Novel Crescent
Alparslan Nas (Sabancı University) Mıgırdiç Margosyan: Togetherness of Autobiography and the Novel on the Road to ?Minor Literature?: Toward Becoming-Minor in Turkey
Efe Çakmak (Columbia University) Literature is Guilty: Edib, Humanism, Colonialism
Sema Bulutsuz (Istanbul University) Places and Symbols of Collective Memory in Leyla Erbil
12.00 ? 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 ? 15.30 Political Translatability Chair: Bülent Bilmez (Bilgi University)

Discussant: Umut Azak (Okan University)

Sanem Salgırlı

(Marmara University)

Internal Colonialism at Large: Medical Language in the Construction of the Turkish Nation-State
Kelda Jamison

(University of Chicago)

Public Kurdish and the Politics of Legitimate Language in Turkey
Armen Grigoryan (Analytical Center on Globalisation and Regional Cooperation, Yerevan) Language of Politics, Intellectuals and Nation-Building
Phil Gamaghelyan (Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation, Boston) Including the Other: De-Constructing the ?Us vs. Them? Dichotomy in Turkish-Armenian Conflict
15.30 ? 16.00 Coffee/Tea
16.00 ? 18.00 The Roles and Discourses of Intellectuals Chair/ Discussant: Fikret Adanır (Sabancı University)
Seyhan Bayraktar

(University of Zurich)

Politics, Memory, Language: Changes, Continuities and Breaks in the Discourse about the Armenian Genocide in Turkey
Ayda Erbal

(New York University)

MeaCulpas, Negotiations, Apologias: Revisiting the ?Apology? of Turkish Intellectuals
Bilgin Ayata

(Johns Hopkins University)

Critical Inquiries on Reconciliation Discourses in Turkey
Ferhat Kentel

(İstanbul Şehir University)

Facing Turkey’s Past: Healing and Ailing
May 29 Saturday
9.00 ? 10.30 Linguistic Multiplicity Chair: Haldun Gülalp (Yıldız Technical University)Discussant: Biray Kolluoğlu (Boğaziçi University)
Alice von Bieberstein (University of Cambridge) Intimate Abject: The Turkish Language within the Armenian Diaspora in Berlin
Nona Shakhnazarian (Kuban Social and Economic Institute) ‘In Russia we are Muslims, in Turkey –  Gyavurs?? Black Sea Frontier Zone, Soviet Era Deportations, and the Language of Marginalization
Christine Allison (University of Exeter) Works of Memory in Kurmanji: Contemporary Turkey and Soviet Armenia
10.30 ? 11.00 Coffee/Tea
11.00 ? 12.30 Memory Works A Chair: Erol Köroğlu (Boğaziçi Üniversitesi)

Discussant: Valentina Calzolari (University of Geneva)

Yektan Türkyılmaz (Duke University) When Victims Become Rulers: The Armenian Regional Government in Van Province (May-July 1915)
Talin Bahçıvanoğlu (Humboldt University at Berlin) Dersim: A Lived Environment from the Perspective of the Armenian Witnesses
Ramazan Aras (University of Western Ontario) Language, Body and Sovereignty: Memories of Incarceration, Corporeal Punishment  and Resistance from the Prison of Amed/Diyarbakır in the 1980s
12.30 ? 14.00 Lunch
14.00 ? 16.00 Memory Works B Chair/ Discussant: Arzu Öztürkmen  (Boğaziçi University)
Burcu Yıldız (Istanbul Technical University) Performing Home Through Performing its Music: Onnik Dinkjian and his Dikranagertsi (Diyarbakır) Music
Laurence Ritter (Caucasus Institute, Yerevan) Converted and Hidden Armenians in Turkey: Silent Voices of the Past into the Present Days
Leyla Neyzi (Sabancı University) Remembering 1915: Language Use in Postmemories of Turks, Kurds and Armenians in Turkey
Louis Fishman (City University of New York) Remnants of the Past/Present: Jews, Greeks, and Armenians as Historical/Living Artifacts
16.00 ? 16.30 Coffee/Tea
16.30 ? 18.00 Cultural Translatability Chair: Hülya Adak (Sabancı University)

Discussant: Şenay Özden (Koç University)

Defne Ayas (Blind Dates Project) Blind Dates: Challenges and Troves of a Curatorial Process
David Kazanjian (University of Pennsylvania) Kinships Past, Kinship?s Futures
Ruken Şengül (The University of Texas at Austin) Lost in Translation, Or Found? Contesting Kinship, Community and State in the East through the Institution of Kirvelik
Parallel Events
May 28, Friday 19.00 Tütün Deposu Exhibit Opening
Helin Anahit Talking Openly
May 30, Sunday 17.30Cezayir Meeting Hall PanelTalking Openly: You, Me and the Others (organized by Helin Anahit) Moderator: Ayşe Öncü (Sabancı University)Asuman Suner (Istanbul Technical University)

Ayfer Bartu (Boğaziçi University)

Cengiz Aktar (Bahçeşehir University)

Ferhat Kentel (Istanbul Şehir University)

Zafer Yenal (Boğaziçi University)

Click here for the program in pdf.

Türkçe program için tıklayınız.

Organizing committee: Fikret Adanır, Ayşe Gül Altınay, Burcu Gürsel, Banu Karaca, Gülayşe Koçak, Leyla Neyzi, Işık Özel

Workshop Assistants: Fulya Kama Özelkan, Nora Tataryan

Poster and program design by Emre Parlak

Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop 2010 has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Sabancı University, Anadolu Kültür, Chrest Foundation, Global Dialogue, Open Society Foundation and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

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