• Morteza Ghorbani is selected as a Topic Editor in Biosensors Journal.
  • Our collaborative work on the field of the nanoparticle deagglomeration was published in AIP Advances.
  • Morteza Ghorbani is selected as an Academic Editor in Biomed Research International Journal.
  • Our article entitled “On the Effect of the Respiratory Droplet Generation Condition on COVID-19 Transmission” has been published in Fluids. We studied the safe social distancing for unsuccessful transmission of COVID-19. 
  • Morteza Ghorbani in an invited talk presented a webinar on Microscale Cavitation; Physics and its Applications at SUNUM Nanoopen Webinar Series on June, 24.
  • Morteza Ghorbani joint Center of Excellence for Functional Surfaces and Interfaces (EFSUN) as a new member.
  • Our master student, Moein successfully defended his thesis on June, 10. His thesis title was HYDRODYNAMIC CAVITATION ON HIGH RESISTANT MICROFLUIDIC CHIPS. We wish best of luck to Moein for his PhD studies at Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • Our undergraduate student, Ece received a full PhD scholarship from Johns Hopkins University, USA. Good luck Ece!
  • Our article entitled “Influence of Fluid Properties on Intensity of Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Deactivation of Salmonella typhimurium” has been published in Processes. We studied the potential of micro scale hydrodynamic cavitation reactor on the water treatment.