English Language Office (ELO),
Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy

The English Language Office (ELO) of the Public Affairs section works with Turkish universities and with the Turkish Ministry of Education to help improve the teaching of English and to disseminate information on American culture and institutions. The office assists in the implementation of English Language Teaching (ELT) teacher development programs nationwide, and coordinates a sales and distribution program to make high-quality English language teaching materials and reference sources more accessible. The office works closely with the English teaching association INGED, with program directors, school administrators, and teachers from both the government and private sector to make the teaching of English more effective.

The Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies
Teachers College, Columbia University

The Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies (CMLL) at Teachers College, Columbia University, announces the participation of three of its faculty in the Summer Institute on American Culture and EFL Learning in Turkey. CMLL is pleased to partner with Teachers College alumnae, who are faculty members at three leading Turkish Universities, for this project.

CMLL focuses on the challenges occasioned by the multiplicity of languages and literacies in the 21st century. The Center conducts and disseminates research on how different languages and literacies can be used as resources to advance human development, education, and intercultural understanding. CMLL also promotes dialogue across societies and groups through lectures, conferences, and institutes such as the Summer Institute in Turkey.