Theses Supervised


1. İsmail Yiğinsu
Effect of mercury and ultraviolet light in the depolymerization of Beypazarı lignite,
Hacettepe University, 1980.

2. Murat Azık
Effect of air oxidation on the macromolecular structure of Beypazarı lignite,
Hacettepe University, 1991.

3. Abdulkerim Karabakan
Interaction of mineral matrix of Göynük oil shale in pyrolysis and oxidation reactions,
Hacettepe University, 1994.

4. Nurşen Öztaş
Effect of catalysts in the pyrolysis of coals,
Hacettepe University, 1996.

5. Meryem Seferinoğlu
Diffusion of pyridine in coals,
Hacettepe University, 1999.

6. Demet Erçin
Artificial coalification of wood,
Hacettepe University, 1999.

7. Gülhan Güllü
Desulphurization of coal with hydroiodic acid using microwave energy,
Hacettepe University, 1999.

8. Sümer Özvatan
Synthesis of ZSM-5 catalysts and their uses in hydrocarbon reactions,
Hacettepe University, 2001.

9. Billur Sakintuna
Synthesis and characterization of porous carbons using natural zeolites
and AlPO4-5 as templated and diffusion of volatile organic chemicals in these porous media,
Sabanci University, 2005.

10. Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı
Effect of metal catalysts and tailoring the conditions for CNF/CNT growth through CVD,
Sabanci University, 2008.

11. Aslı Nalbant Ergün
Microwave assisted synthesis of MCM-41 type mesoporous materials
and diffusion of organic vapors in porous media: MCM-41 and carbon nanotubes, Sabanci University, 2011.

12. Burcu Saner
An improved technique for the exfoliation of graphene nanosheets and
utilization of their nanocomposites as fuel cell electrodes, Sabanci University, 2011.

13. Züleyha Özlem Kocabaş Ataklı
Fabrication of nano and porous materials and their utilization in the purification of water
contaminated with arsenic, copper and lead, Sabanci University, 2013.

14. Firuze Okyay
Preparation and characterization of modified polyether ether ketone (peek-wc) membranes for
polymer assisted ultrafiltration of Cu2+ ions from water, Sabanci University, 2014.

15. Ezgi Dündar Tekkaya
Synthesis and characterization of metal loaded MCM-41 zeotypes and their utilization in hydrogen storage, Sabanci University, 2015.

16. Zahra Gohari Bajestani
Decoration of graphene sheets by metal oxide particle: synthesis, characterization, and application in hydrogen, Sabanci University, 2017.

17. Mustafa Baysal
Low-temperature catalytic synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes by alkali metal ferrites,
Sabanci University, 2018.

18. Aysu Yurduşen




1. Ayşe Tuğluhan
Supercritical extraction and desulfurization of Beypazarı lignite with ethanol-NaOH,
Hacettepe University, 1987.

2. Abdulkerim Karabakan
Supercritical extraction of Göynük oil shale,
Hacettepe University, 1988.

3. Jale Özkısacık
Liquefaction of Beypazarı lignite with molten salt catalysis,
Hacettepe University, 1988.

4. Nurşen Altuntaş
Oxidation of macerals of Beypazarı lignite,
Hacettepe University, 1990.

5. Gülhan Güllü
Desulfurization of coals with microorganisms,
Hacettepe University, 1992.

6. Faize Akçaba
Effects of liquefaction catalysts in the pyrolysis of Beypazarı lignite,
Hacettepe University, 1993.

7. Meryem Seferinoğlu
Separation of coal liquids by chromatography, 1993.
Hacettepe University

8. Demet Erçin
Interaction of Beypazarı lignite with iodine,
Hacettepe University, 1994.

9. Sümer Özvatan
Upgrading of Elbistan lignite by chemical and physical methods,
Hacettepe University, 1995.

10. Dilara Bozkurt
Structure of Zonguldak coal at different depths,
Hacettepe University, 1996.

11. Sevil Çetinkaya
The oxidation of Turkish lignites in air up to 500oC,
Hacettepe University, 1998.

12. Solmaz Karabulut
Upgrading of Beypazari lignite by catalytic decarboxylation process,
Hacettepe University, 2001.

13. Yeşim Başaran
Microbial liquefaction of low rank Turkish coals,
Hacettepe University, 2001.

14. Murat Akgül
Adsorption of Cr and  Fe ions on Beypazari lignite and their effect on decarboxylation,
Hacettepe University, 2002. (Co-Advisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr.A.Karabakan)

15. Serkan Baş
Preparation, characterization and utilization of palladium doped pan-based activated carbon fibers,
Sabanci University, 2005.

16. Canan Barıştıran
Template synthesis of poly (n-methylpyrrole) and polypyrrole based supercapacitor: fabrication and
characterization, Sabanci University, 2007.

17. Ayça Erden
Synthesis and optimization of carbon nanofiber templated polypyrrole, Sabanci University, 2008.

18. Seren Yüksel
Removal of boron from aqueous solutions by adsorption using fly ash, low rank coal and zeolite, Sabanci University, 2008.

19. Firuze Okyay
Investigation of graphene clusters through pitch pyrolysis, Sabanci University, 2009.

20. Can Kartoğlu
Test method development for the investigation of die swell and shrink properties of thread,
sidewall and inner linear compounds by RPA,  Leaders  for Industry Program, Sabancı University, 2009.

21. Salih Yiğit

The effect of the mixing process on SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) based thread compounds, Leaders for Industry Program, Sabancı University, 2010.

22. Gökay Toprak
Wettability of different polymeric fibers with different dip formulations,
Sabancı University, Leaders for Industry Program, 2010.

23. Sinem Taş
Production of carbon nanotubes using Fe-FSM-16, Co-FSM-16 and Ni-FSM-16 type
mesoporous catalytic materials by chemical vapor deposition, Sabanci University, 2011.

24. Mustafa Baysal
Coal bed  methane potential and biogasification of Soma lignite, Sabanci Universiy, 2012.

25. S. Saeidi Harzand
Carbon Dioxide Capture by Adsorption on a Biomass Based Activated Carbon
Sabanci University, 2018.


1. Semra Saraçoğlu
Chemical structure of southeastern Anatolian asphaltites, Hacettepe University, 1978.

2. Birgül Zümreoğlu
Catalytic effect of mercury in depolymerizat,ion reactions of coals, Hacettepe University, 1978.

3. Mihriban Hekimoğlu
Separation of the macerals of Zonguldak bituminous coal by sink and float method, Hacettepe University, 1990.

4. Talat Kırçak
Effect of mineral matrix on the supercritical extraction of the Green River oil shale, Hacettepe University, 1990.

5. Nilden Alpan
Kerogen isolation from oil shales by HCl/HF demineralization and toluene/(NH4)2SO4 mixture, Hacettepe University, 1992.

6. Ceren Bakışgan
Structural characteristics and elemental content of the ashes from coal and biomass samples, Sabanci University, 2008.

7. Fatma Dinç
Production of graphene layers from chemical exfoliation of graphite, Sabanci University,2009.

8. Zeynep Çamaş
Membrane Science: Developments, Sabanci University, 2009.

9. Neylan Görgülü
Synthesis and utilization of graphene nanosheets, Sabanci University, 2011.

10. Burcu Açıksöz
Synthesis and characterization of titanium dioxide nanoparticles/polymer nanocomposites,
Sabanci University, 2012.