Two Fat Ballet Dancers: A Video Documentary Project

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” During the fall of 2010, a team of eight young people from Turkey and Armenia came together for a dialogue project between their respective countries. Initially called “Let’s talk, I’m your neighbour”, the project was aimed to bring people from each country together with the members of the team from the other country and to encourage them to ask questions on issues of interest, to discover what they know of and wondered about, and how they perceived each other.

The shootings for the films were realised in November 2010in Istanbul(Turkey), Yerevan and Charentsavan(Armenia) and a total of 20-hour footage were shot in ten different locations. The video “Two Fat Ballet Dancers” is a selection of scenes from the discussions. While the discussions as a whole involved a wide range of issues including daily life, cultural and vocational talks, and domestic problems problems of the two countries, taking into the consideration the immediacy of the political matters of the past and present, as well as the time and space constraints. The current selection focuses more on the historical and current political issues as discussed by the participants. Overall, the video aims to provide a familiarity with the perspective and perceptions of the people from each side, and to prepare grounds for starting to talk to each other. ”

Project Team:

TR – Zeynep Başer, Eda Tarak, Özgür Taşkaya, Seval Dakman;

AR – Seda Grigorian, Avetis Keshishyan, Nane Khachtarian, Lusine Avagyan