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Desktop Microfactory – 2 years research project funded by The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) for development of a miniature factory with micro precision machining, assembly and inspection capabilities. I worked on the design and control of three functional modules such as galvanometric laser beam steering system, high precision motion stage and rotary conveyor system. Also I was engaged in mechanical design of the microfactory system, construction of electronic interface for each module and development of supervisory control software for the overall system.

Design and Control of High Precision Positioning Stage – this research project aims the development of multi dimensional modular positioning stage based on walking piezoelectric actuators with micro and nanometer positioning precision. Possible applications may comprise medicine, atomic force microscopy, intra-cellular injection, micro-manufacturing and etc.  I’m working on the development of various controllers for piezo walker actuators, mechanical design of the stage along with electronic driver circuits.