Publications & Research Interests

Conference Proceedings:
  • Modeling and Simulation Based Design of Variable Pitch and Variable Helix Milling Tools for Increased Chatter Stability, Alptunç ÇOMAK, Recep KOCA, Ömer M. ÖZKIRIMLI, Erhan BUDAK,  7th International Conference and Exhibition on Design and Production of Machines and Dies/Molds, 20-23 June 2013.
  • Dynamics and Chatter Stability of Parallel Milling Operations,  Alptunç ÇOMAK, Erhan BUDAK – UMTIK 2012
  • Eş Zamanlı Frezeleme Operasyonlarının Dinamiği ve Kararlılığı, Alptunç ÇOMAK, Erhan BUDAK – UTIS 2012
Journal Papers:
  • Stability and High Performance Machining Conditions in Simultaneous Milling Operations, Budak, E., Comak, A., Ozturk, E., CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology 2013 (accepted).
Research Interests:
  1. Parallel Machining Operations (Parallel Milling & Parallel Turning)
  2. Chatter Stability of Milling & Turning Processes
  3. Stability of Special Milling Tools
  4. Process Modeling
  • Manufacturing Process and Techniques
  • Construction and Design of Machines
  • Mechanical Vibrations and Acoustics
  • Finite Element Analysis and Optimization Problems related to Engineering Problems